Parish Bulletin – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8 November 2020

Parish Bulletin – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8 November 2020

Masses for the Week of November 10th – November 15th


TUESDAY:*              10 AM             Theresa Gagnon – Lynn Laureaul & Family

WEDNESDAY:**      10 AM             Margaret Maloney – Betty Morris

THURSDAY:*           10 AM             Andrew Joseph Donnelly – Frank & Janet Retty

FRIDAY:***              10 AM             Ken & Mae Conroy – Rose & Paul Stebby

SUNDAY:            10:30 AM             Missa Pro Populo

*These Masses will be streamed online, but all parishioners are welcome to attend. All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary during Exposition

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy during Exposition


Sheenboro:      (Saturday)       5 PM  

Leo Downey & Deceased Parents & Family – Teresa Downey

St. Joseph:       (Sunday)         9 AM  

1) Iveagh & Harold Duff – Atje & Leonard Duff and Family

                                                             2) Molly Montgomery – Dennis and Family

Chapeau:         (Sunday)   10:30 AM 

1) Deceased CWL Members

                                                            2) Jack & Helen Hill

PLEASE REMEMBER… If you are sick or have a cough, please do not attend. Remember, the Bishop has suspended our obligation to attend a Sunday Mass until further notice so please stay home so as to not make others sick.


St. Paul the Hermit:   $  520.00

St. Joseph’s:                $1570.00

St. Alphonsus:             $2193.00

Total Online Donations to Date:  $ 8689.10



1) The video course studying Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI continues on Tuesdays at 7 pm.  The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis course continues on Thursdays at 7 pm. Contact Fr. Tim for more information if you are interested in joining in.

2) “Are you called to join other Canadian Catholic women learning how your leadership has the power to transform where you work, volunteer, and live?  Applications are now available for the 2021-2022 Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation Program. The in-person and online program, facilitated by the Providence School of Transformational Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University (Ottawa) runs from April/21 to May/22. Visit Application deadline November 20, 2020″

3) Thank You: “Thank you for all your kindness and emotional support offered to us in the wake of our mother, Lorena Picard’s final illness and death. Your thoughtfulness and support were greatly appreciated.  The Picard Family

4) Our prayers and sympathies go out to the family of Brigitta Gottfried, wife of the late Andre Gottfried of Pembroke, and mother of Margo and Kathleen, whose funeral was celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church on Saturday. May God grant peace and comfort to her family and a merciful judgment for her soul.

5) Bishop +Desrochers is asking all Catholics of the Diocese to please write to your local Member of Parliament to express your concerns about the proposed changes to Canada’s euthanasia laws. The Federal government is proposing to expand those who may be killed beyond those who are facing an imminent death. Disabled groups and associations are deeply alarmed with this change as they believe it poses a particular danger to their members. There is a website you can go to which provides more information on this subject as well as a link to use to write and share your objection with the government which I have posted below. Please do what you can to ensure that the government does not enact these changes.

6) Celebration of Confirmation and First Communion: Due to the requirements of the COVID virus we are unable to hold any large celebrations, so Bishop + Desrochers is suggesting that each parish celebrate the sacrament at an evening Mass on a weeknight. He has extended the right for all the parish pastors to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for this year. We will take his advice and schedule such a Mass for those who were prepared last school year to be confirmed.

As regards those who are waiting for the celebration of their First Communion and Confession, I have been waiting to see if the arrival of a vaccine would come before the end of this school year so that we would be able to offer a celebration at one of our weekend Masses. Given that we should know in January 2021 if such a vaccine will be available, I intend to wait until then to make any decision as to when and how these sacraments will be offered. IF it becomes clear that a vaccine isn’t going to be widely available in time, then we will have to schedule a few smaller celebrations for a few students at a time on a school night as we are going to do for confirmation. Stay tuned for further developments. They will be posted here, on Facebook and on the parish blog ( once it becomes clear how to best proceed.

7) There will be a meeting of the combined parishes Finance & Property Committee on Wednesday, November 25th at 7 pm in the St. Joseph’s Rectory. I ask the members to please confirm whether or not they will be able to attend. Thanks to those of you who have already RSVP’d your attendance.

8) Our chief Cookie Elf of Chapeau and Chichester (Bernie Hendry) has organized another year of Christmas treats to be delivered to the seniors and shut-ins of St. Alphonsus Parish. She is asking that you call her (819-689-5332) or the parish office to leave a message if you are either willing to become a cookie elf in your own right or if you know of someone who might appreciate a package from one of her delivery elves. The date for receiving the cookies, preparing them into packages, and delivering them is December 15th. Due to the restrictions demanded due to the COVID pandemic, all deliveries will be of the ‘non-contact’ variety and all the packages will be disinfected before they’re dropped off. Let’s all do our part to help make the Christmas season a little brighter after this year of hell we’ve all gone through in 2020.

Scriptural Reflection of this Weekend’s Readings

Encountering Christ:

1. Prudence: “The first of the four cardinal virtues, and the rule for the other three, is prudence. Now it goes against the grain of present-day thinking [as of 1951] to see in prudence a virtue, let alone the first of the four cardinal virtues. The reason for this is that we often have an entirely wrong idea of the virtue of prudence. “Prudence as virtue has nothing to do with […] the timorous attitude of undue caution […]. Prudence is the quality of clearsightedness. The prudent man approaches each decision with his eyes open, in the full light of knowledge and faith. He discerns reality objectively, sizes up a factual situation for what it is, and weighs the real value of things. Only after careful consideration does the prudent man make his decision” (Josef Pieper, What Catholics Believe, 73).

2. Foolishness: Today’s Gospel passage weighs prudence against foolishness. At first glance, the mishap that befell the five foolish virgins might seem coincidental. However, in the light of the explanation of prudence above, we can appreciate that the situation around the virgins’ shortage of oil was preceded by two sets of behavior, by two decision-making processes, and two ways of approaching reality: “Whoever follows the impulse of his will before appraising the facts and the circumstances of a situation accurately and objectively is imprudent and unwise” (idem).

3. “Behold, the Bridegroom!”: “Virtue is the utmost of what a man can be; it is the realization of the human capacity for being” (Josef Pieper, A Brief Reader on the Virtues of the Human Heart, 9). If the clear-sighted virtue of prudence is imperative in daily life in order to “realize the human capacity,” in today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches us that it is even more imperative for the spiritual life. Much like the maids-in-waiting, we know that the Lord will come. To be prudent in our spiritual life means that today we “size up this situation for what it is, and weigh the real value of things” in its light.

Conversing with Christ: My Lord, today you invite me to grow in prudence. Help me to approach each situation with my “eyes open, in the full light of knowledge and faith.” Give me the grace to discern proper actions and then follow through for your glory.

Resolution: Lord, today by your grace I will practice the cardinal virtue of prudence by taking a minute before making a decision to consciously discern its implications in the light of faith and reason.

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