ATTENTION: The Government of Quebec has decided that all Masses from December 17 to January 11 inclusive are to be limited to a maximum of 25 people. This means that we will not be able to accommodate the more than 200 people who had registered to attend our various Christmas masses in St. Joseph’s, Chapeau, and Sheenboro parishes. At this point, the diocese is still contemplating how best to proceed. We will either continue with offering the existing weekend and Christmas mass schedule permitting only 22 parishioners to attend any one service (the priest, organist, and soloist are included in the 25 total allowed) or we will cancel the public celebration of masses until the restrictions are lifted in the new year. Please watch here and on the parish Faceboook page) for developments.

Please continue to pray for the proper decision to be made, for the patience of all those affected, and for this pandemic to finally come to an end so that we can go back to celebrating all the sacraments and services offered in our churches without any further government interference in our affairs. I appreciate the dangers of the times we are facing. Still, given that our churches have not been vectors of transmission of the COVID virus, I personally think that the government is overstepping its bounds with this current set of restrictions. Only God’s grace will suffice I fear to rectify this situation moving forward.

Fr. Tim

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