Parish Bulletin – 4th Sunday of Advent – 20 December 2020

Parish Bulletin – 4th Sunday of Advent – 20 December 2020

Masses for the Week of December 22nd to December 27th


TUESDAY:*              10 AM             Lillian Moyle – Fr. Tim

WEDNESDAY:**      10 AM             NO MASS

SUNDAY:            10:30 AM             Missa Pro Populo

*These Masses will be streamed online, but all parishioners are welcome to attend. All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy


Sheenboro: Christmas Eve 8:30 PM  Donald Retty – Pauline Lepine

Saturday          5 PM   Mickey Morris – Frank & Janet Retty

                                    Carmelita Gleason – Raymond Morris

St. Joseph: Christmas Eve      5 PM   Reggie Chaput – Peggy Nadeau

                                                7 PM   Elmer Gallagher – Jerry & Louise Gallagher

Sunday            9 AM   Mary Spence – Dan & Colette Spence

Chapeau:    Christmas Eve     5 PM   Deceased Parents – Harold & Marilyn Morris

                                                7 PM   Yvonne O’Brien – Nicole & Lorenzo Bertrand

M.J. Poirier – Lois & family

                Christmas Day 10:30 AM   Shelby Sullivan – Nana & Papa

                                                            Jack & Helen Hill – The Family

Sunday     10:30 AM  Lorena Picard – The Family

Theresa & Howard Gagnon – The O’Brien Family

PLEASE REMEMBER… If you are sick or have a cough, please do not attend. Remember, the Bishop has suspended our obligation to attend a Sunday Mass until further notice so please stay home so as to not make others sick.

Last Weekend’s Collections:

St. Paul the Hermit:   $  290.00

St. Joseph’s:                $  785.00

St. Alphonsus:             $1090.00

Total Online Donations to Date:  $ 9548.78



1) The Offertory Envelopes for 2021 are now available in each of the Churches.

2) The Parish Offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from December 23rd through to January 3rd inclusive.

3) New Government Directive Concerning Public Gatherings: Effective this past Thursday, the Quebec government has decreed new restrictions on the numbers of people allowed to participate in all of our Masses. As a result, Bishop Desrochers has made a decision concerning the application of the law by which the Pontiac is now in the Red Zone: 

1) Please keep your churches open. Schedule Masses as usual. Once the numbers reach 25, tell people that the church has reached its full capacity. All reservations for Masses (including the Christmas celebrations) are immediately cancelled.

2) Please announce this decision at the Masses this weekend. The news will spread by word of mouth, and people will be able to make plans accordingly. They may either plan to attend a neighbouring parish, or they may cross the border into Ontario to go to Mass, assuming that the restrictions will not be tightened in Ontario by Christmas Eve.

I will have more to say about this at all of this weekend’s Masses. Please help spread the word… sad as it is.  Please note too that all three Christmas Masses celebrated in Chapeau will be livestreamed on both my personal and the parish’s Facebook pages

4) I wanted to share with you the cash totals we have received from our ‘Keep Warm this Winter’ (Chapeau & St. Joseph’s) and ‘Shamrock’ campaigns (Sheenboro).

Chapeau: $ 12,149.00             St. Joseph’s:  $ 8655.00                      Sheenboro:  $ 7250.00


Scriptural Reflection of this Weekend’s Readings

Encountering Christ:

1. Chosen: Mary was set apart in order to carry out God’s redemptive plan as the mother of Jesus. God blessed her as the Immaculate Conception so that she would be able to wholly align her will with his will. We too are chosen by God to be his disciples and given all the gifts we need to accomplish it. As Christmas approaches, it can be helpful to prayerfully reflect on just how much God has blessed us with spiritual gifts–with the Catholic faith, the Sacraments, the Eucharist, our vocation, our community–all of which can help us to enter into heaven and empower us to actively participate in the salvation of souls.

2. Unworthy/Mary’s Humility: God asked a huge favor of Mary, and he asks huge favors from us too. Our responses can tend to differ from Mary’s incredible “yes.” We sometimes respond like St. Peter in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 5:8): “Leave me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” Although we’re all sinners, we don’t want to overplay our unworthiness because we know that our “yes” is contingent not on our capacities but on God’s. Mary understood who she was. She knew she was a lowly creature, but she believed that God could work through her. Mary’s first response to the Angel Gabriel – “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?”– was not a doubt or hesitation, but rather, a question that allowed Mary to enter more deeply into the conversation. Her inquiry expressed a willingness to understand something divine and mysterious. Let us also seek more fully to understand the mysteries of God so that we can better carry out his plan for our life.

3. God’s Divine Plan: God chose the perfect time in human history to send his Son. In this Advent season, we are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the coming birth of the Messiah, and we long for him to come again. Mary helped prepare the way for Christ’s birth, so let us beseech her to help purify our souls so that we’re able to take in the very special graces Jesus has for us this Christmas. 

Conversing with Christ: Thank you, Lord, for choosing me. I may not understand fully why you chose me, but after examining Mary’s humble fiat, I too choose to exclaim: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” I pray especially in this Advent season, as my soul longs for your return, that I may always answer your call with a humble “Amen” and quick obedience to your Father’s divine plan.

Resolution: Lord, today by your grace I will pray the joyful mysteries of the rosary for my family, friends, loved ones, and myself, that we will humbly answer God’s calls in our lives.

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