A little humour to address a serious issue

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One of the things that drives me nuts as a parish priest is the recent phenomena of people posting inappropriate things on social media sites such as Facebook.

What’s inappropriate you might ask?

Top of the list would be people who post accident pictures et al and announce to the world that someone has been seriously injured or killed before the family finds out about. This has happened WAY TOO MANY times in recent years to the shock and detriment of family members. It doesn’t matter if you were a ‘close friend’ or even present when the accident or death occurred. It is WRONG for the news to be released to the public before the family is notified and makes it public themselves.

Next on the list would be personal and/or defamatory comments posted to embarrass people. While I have never been the object of such an attack I know people who have – and they never appreciate having their own ‘dirty laundry’ aired in such a public forum. So if you have a fight with a friend or neighbour, keep it between yourselves. No one looks good when a private spat spills out into a public forum.

One other example would be any post, no matter how humourous that is self-deprecating or filled with inappropriate language. People should soon come to realize that things posted online lives forever and that something posted while drunk, stoned, or during a fit of rage will come back to hurt them when they go to apply for a job etc. One of the first things that a potential employer will do these days is Google search a prospective employee. If they find material that reflects poorly upon the judgement of the applicant it is not likely that they will be offered a position of employment.

Got any other example that should make my list? Feel free to post them in the comments. Just remember that the reason these comments are moderated is to keep just such types of offensive nonsense from public view. So mind your manners!  (smile)

Fr. Tim

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