Metanoia Mission a resounding success!

Last evening as part of our 40 Hours for the Kingdom Campaign, we brought to a close our Parish Mission preached for us by Fr. Denis Lemieux of Madonna House with a well attended Communal Penance service.  It was a distinct pleasure to see such numbers out on a cold winter’s night just to learn how better to acknowledge the presence of sin in their particular lives. It spoke volumes about their desire to remember anew how to love God better and each other in their daily lives.  But then to see so many also choose to take advantage of the priests available to hear their confession…  words fail me in trying to express the gladness I felt. Suffice it to say that last night, as with each night of this ‘Metanoia Mission’ that came before was a GREAT blessing for all in attendance. What it didn’t provide unfortunately was an opportunity to thank Fr. Denis before everyone left to go home! So let me take care of that here.


Beginning with his excellent homilies at the weekend masses and then on through each of the four nights of Mission’s talks, Fr. Denis seemed to connect with more and more people each time he spoke. Positive reviews about the Mission immediately began to spread throughout our parishes, leading others in turn to come out and listen to his next presentation. As a result, each day’s numbers grew larger than the day before from the start of the mission to its end last night. It was a fitting tribute to the substance of the Missions’ message and the quality of its delivery. With a gentle sense of humor that we all could relate to, and with teachings that encouraged us to believe that we could (and should) do better, Fr. Denis’s talks on the subject of Metanoia proved to be a blessing for all of us who attended.


So Fr. Denis (if you’re reading this somewhere) … Please accept the grateful appreciation of the Parishes of the Upper Pontiac for your delightful and inspired mission. May God bless you in bringing His joyful invitation to church communities everywhere. We are all better off for having had you here among us this past week.  Thank you.

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