Parish Bulletin – August 15, 2015, – 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention
Monday     No Mass


10:00 AM


  No Mass


10:00 AM


  No Mass
Thursday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  No Mass
Friday 10:00 AM St. Joseph   No Mass
Sunday 5:00 PM


  Lorne & Loella Meehan

By: Brian, Estelle McDonald & Family & Neil & Wilma Meehan & Family

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Missa Pro Populo
Sunday 10:30 AM


  Mathis Fortin Chaput

By: Annick & Marin Chaput & Family

Mrs. Leona Audet

By: St. Alphonsus Choir

Parish Lectors Communion
Chapeau Mariette Sallafranque Mariette, Michael
St. Joseph Sam McGuire Ron Price
Sheen Donald Retty Doris Ranger


PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Fr. Raphael Glofcheski, Alexis Lepine, Freija Lorraine Thomas, Alvin Lepine, Paul Dennie, Frances Giroux (St. Joseph), Judy Sullivan, Teresa Gaston, Norma Ranger and Shirley Bissonnette.

Parish     Collection Counter
Sheen $1,030.00    
St. Joseph $1,313.00   Rita Keogh Cortolezzis (August 24)
Chapeau $2,047.00   Anne Gagnon (August 17th )

BANNS:   There is a promise of marriage between Derek Fleming son of Herbie Fleming and Sharon Durocher and Karolann Gauthier-Roussel daughter of Sylvian Roussel and Marie-José Gauthier. The wedding will be celebrated at 3:00 PM on August 22, 2015 at St. Alphonsus Church.

Notes from Fr: Tim
1) Please say a prayer for Mrs. Frances (Clifton) Giroux who was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Wednesday. Frances has been an important pillar of the St. Joseph’s Parish for many decades, using her many artistic skills for its benefit. She is also a key member of our prayer chain for those in need. We pray that God grant her comfort and solace in her time of need through our prayers.

2) Lennox Kelly, father of Helen Nephin of the Chapeau parish died this past week in Toronto. Lennox was raised with the Lapierre family here on the Island and will be mourned and missed by many. Please keep his soul and family in your prayers.

3) I am very grateful to Fr. Tom Fitzpatrick for replacing me over the past two weekends. While I will be continuing my summer holidays for the balance of the month of August, I will be returning each weekend to celebrate the Sunday masses. We will return to a full schedule of weekday masses beginning in September. My thanks to all of you for your prayerful support during my month’s vacation.

Parish Office Hours in the Summer:  Our Parish Secretary (Pauline) is taking her annual summer holidays by scheduling a day or two off each week for the remainder of the summer. If you call and have to leave a voice mail message on one of these days, please be patient and either she or Fr. Tim will get back to you within a few days.

ST. ALPHONSUS RAFFLE TICKETS: Tickets for the Chapeau parish draw are available to be picked up at the entrances to the Church. We ask each family to try to sell a minimum of 10 books as this is an important component of our profit generated by the parish supper. There is a sign-up sheet to put your name down and the amount of books you take. Your help is appreciated with this Fundraiser.

There are 5 books of tickets in each elastic.

ENVELOPES FOR MEAT DONATIONS: Our parish supper will soon be approaching us. You will find available in the Church pews meat envelopes to help out with the expenses of the Turkey’s. I wish to thank you for all your support in the past and present, so greatly appreciated.

WEST PONTIAC CONNECTS: the centre will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and closed from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 (noon).

CHAPEAU RECTORY ARTIST: Will be having a bake sale this Sunday and all following Sunday’s in August. Thank you for your support! Any donations are greatly appreciated. See you after Mass.

ANGEL ED: August lessons in Guitar, Ukulele and voice for both Adult and Youth. Call Donna to register at 819-689-5344(Leave message).

SHEENBORO IRISH HERITAGE FESTIVAL: The organizing committee extends its gratitude to the festival’s attendees, sponsors and donors, musicians and dancers, and to our many volunteers who made this event into a successful weekend.  We also appreciate the fine cooking and baking as some tasty homemade jams were enjoyed in the tea room along with the delicious scones.  Also, thanks for the baking for the lunch following the Celtic mass.  We all enjoyed Fr. Tim’s beautiful rendition of “Danny Boy” before the mass and the choir’s songs that celebrated the community’s Irish spiritual heritage.    Many thanks to all who contributed to this event!

SHEENBORO: Could the user of envelope #470 please put your name down on it so I can enter you into our system. Thank you!

WEST PONTIAC CONNECTS: will be offering a basic life support course (CPR, AED, First Aid, etc) and also offering the boaters course. For more information about prices, Please call Emilia at 819-689-2878.   Thank you.

We will also be offering the hunting course and the youth fishing in 2016.

FORT COULONGE: will be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the presence of the Religious Sisters of the congregation and the 50th Anniversary of priesthood ordination of Msgr. Douglas Bridge. The celebration on Sunday, September 20th, 2015. I t will begin with mass at 10:30 a.m. presided by our bishop, his Excellency Michael Mulhall. The feast will continue with a meal at the Parish Hall. You are cordially invited to join us. R.S.V.P. would be appreciated. You can contact us by phone, fax, email or mail. (819)683-2856, Fax 855-646-2367,

PARISH SUPPER-St. John The Evangelist-Campbell’s Bay: On Sunday, September 13th, 2015 from 3:30 – 6:30 pm at the Parish Centre. Turkey, Ham and trimmings~Homemade pies. Adults: $15, Children 12 & under: $6, Toddlers free. Welcome to all! Fr. Ghislain & Parishioners.


A little ‘Catholic’ humour to brighten your week:

  1. A parish priest’s car starts acting up, so he takes it to a parishioner to have it fixed. When he gets the quote for what the repair will cost, he blanches. “Ah, c’mon, can’t you give me a better price than that? I’m just a poor preacher!”
    “A poor preacher, do you say? Well, I’ve heard a lot of preachers in my time, and I can say that you’re telling the truth there, Father, you’re telling the truth there…”

2) A teacher was testing the children in her Sunday school class to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven.
She asked them, “If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into Heaven?” “NO!” the children answered. “If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would that get me into Heaven?” Again, the answer was, “NO!”Now she was smiling. Hey, they’re getting it, she thought! “Well, then, if I was kind to animals and gave candy to all the children, and loved my husband, would that get me into Heaven?” she asked. Again, they all answered, “NO!” She was just bursting with pride for them. “Well,” she continued, “then how can I get into Heaven?” A five-year-old boy shouted out, “FIRST YOU GOTTA BE DEAD!”

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