An open letter to our local Member of Parliament, Will Amos

Mr. Amos: As a parish priest in your riding (Chapeau/St. Joseph’s/Sheenboro) I am puzzled and offended by the Prime Minister’s recent statement that he would be asking Pope Francis to apologize for the Catholic Church’s involvement in the residential schools. Perhaps he is unaware that Pope Benedict XVI issued a formal apology in 2009? Or could it be that he does know this but just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to cast the Catholic Church in as poor a light as possible? That is one of the trumpeted ‘Quebec values’ the preached about during the election, isn’t it? The denigration of the Catholic Church and all institutions of faith? Right up there with the killing infants in the womb and old people in the beds? Fear not though sir. I will do my utmost to ensure that as many people as possible in our area are made aware of the fact that either our Prime Minister’s staff lacks the competence to appreciate that they are asking for something they have already received, or they are more concerned with insulting the Church to which we all belong and practice in.

In case you doubt that the Pope actually did apologize in 2009, I am including a link at the bottom of this message to a CTV news story of the event.
Fr. Tim Moyle, p.p.

One thought on “An open letter to our local Member of Parliament, Will Amos”

  1. As a Catholic and a life long active Liberal supporter, one who was very excited about the new directions you and “my party would follow.
    I am very disappointed to find you and the Liberal party support the killing human beings…prenatal infants, and YES they are human ! !, and even a prime minister or any other person can change this reality.
    Canadians rightly decided to eliminate Capital Punishment in Canada, and Canadians are proud of this. The decision you and your government are about to make destroys the ideals that Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave to the world. I plead to you to consider the very dangers
    path you are about to take, the issue is life. You and the Liberal party
    are about those who would murder unborn infants (yes they are human as surely any parent knows long before the delivery) This is what the present throw away society appears to advocate. LIFE IS Sacred and not you or any other human being can change. Face the obvious, All ages do not recognize the peril they are advocating. It took thousands of lives, sacrificed to defeat Adolph Hitler. Is this the what we want?
    All life is precious including the elderly . No person has the right to kill another, nor should doctors and nurses be forced to commit murder the law in Canada. Abortion or euthanasia is not an option, but human love compassion and a will to invest in life can make the difference.
    The elderly provided a dignified palliative care and the use of pain control medication can provide the dying with serene and humanitarian experience as they move to the end of life in dignity.
    Aborting a child is un necessary. We need our children, they are our legacy , the future generations who will carry on for us and continue
    and human progress for eons to come. Women/girls who become pregnant and are left in dire straits need to know that the community of human kind will provide support and aid to the pregnant person and the governments provide adequate financial aid, loving and caring support, housing to bridge the new mom and baby during this difficult time. Love and caring for others is a truly wonderful gift and the crown of the absolute love of all life.
    Roger Perry

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