Parish Bulletin – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 24, 2016

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention
Monday     No Mass


10:00 AM


  Andrew Keon

By:   Mado & Family



10:00 AM


  Pat Ranger

By: Iris & Meril Fleury

Thursday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Jacqueline Lepine

By: Helen & Maureen Morris

Friday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Helen Hynes

By: Paul & Sue Kelly

Saturday 5:00 PM


  Missa Pro Populo
Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Souls in Purgatory

By: Loretta Reid

Sunday 10:30 AM


  Dillon, Robert, & Nancy Godin

By: Betty Godin & Family

Holy Spirit for peace & light

By: A Parishioner


Parish Lectors Communion
Chapeau Peter Smith Peter, Joan
St. Joseph Frank Trezbiatowski Margaret Tallon
Sheen Patty Hansen Mary Edwards

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Dean Fitzpatrick, Kerry Kelly, Alexis Lepine, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan, Teresa Gaston, Norma Ranger and Shirley Bissonnette.

Parish   Collection Counter
Sheen $465.00  
St. Joseph $1,210.00 Sharon Fitzpatrick, Monday, January 25th
Chapeau $1,772.00 Suzanne Lapierre, Monday February 1st

REMINDER: The box for used stamps is still at the back of the church. One thing to remember when cutting them please leave at least ½ inch of paper all around the stamps.

2016 BOXES OF ENVELOPES:    are now available for pick up. If you are new to the Parish or if your name is not on any of the boxes, please feel free to take a blank box and put your name and address on your first couple of envelopes so we can enter it into the system. Thank you so much.

CATECHISM CLASS: The next Catechism class will be help on February 7th at 9:15 at Dr. Wilbert Keon School.

CWL MEMBERSHIP FEES ($20.00): will be due early in the New Year. Kindly use the envelope in your box or a regular one marked “CWL Fees” with your name on it. It can be put in the collection basket or given to a member.

CHAPEAU LION’S CLUB:   will be having a pancake breakfast on Sunday, January 31st at Harrington Community Centre from 8 until 12 noon.

SOCIAL CLUB: The Tuesday Social Club has begun for 2016. We love to welcome new people to a pleasant afternoon (1-3) of chatting, knitting, sewing, painting, book exchange, card playing, board games and anything that’s legal. Once in a while we have tea and cookies. See you there.  Angie at 819-689-2486.

The Upper Pontiac Sports Complex is open for public skating Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6:30 to 7:50 pm. The cost is $2 for adults and $1 for children, but free on Fridays when we have a sponsor. So far this year we’ve had free skating thanks to Lepine’s Garage, Investors Group, Chapeau and District Lions Club, Gerard Labelle CPA, The Sunstrum family and SRB Technologies-Ross Fitzpatrick. For the start of the 2016 season, Jan 8th was sponsored by the Upper Pontiac Soccer Club, Jan 15th SRB Technologies-Ross Fitzpatrick, Jan 22 DC Bar & Grill, and Jan 29th Tony Donnelly-Royal Lepage. Please make an effort to thank and support our generous sponsors and if anyone would like to become a sponsor, call Mark Jennings at 819-689-1096. See you on the ice!

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: On Tuesday, Jan. 26 Bishop N.Z. Lorrain Council 1531 will host a session called ‘The Poorest of the Poor’. Speakers will be from Friends of the Poor. The meeting starts at 7 pm in the K of C Hall at 7 p.m. and is open to all members, their families, the parishes and the community.

Bible Study – Lectio: Eucharist-Beginning Feb. 18 & 19Our Lady of Lourdes Parish will host a 10 part study on the Eucharist. Lectio: Eucharist is an incredible opportunity to encounter profoundly the mystery that is at the centre of our faith. The study will be offered twice weekly, so you can choose between either Thursday evenings at 7:30pm or Friday mornings at 9:30am immediately after the respective Masses. Fr. Bill Kenney and Fr. Scott Murray will lead the discussions. Attendance is free. For more information see The content can be accessed with the parish code CYN27A. Please register by emailing

A little Sunday humour:

 The Pastor woke up Sunday morning and realizing it was an exceptionally beautiful and sunny early spring day, decided he just had to play golf. So…. he told the associate pastor that he was feeling sick and convinced him to preach for him that day. As soon as the associate pastor left the room, the Pastor headed out of town to a golf course about forty miles away. This way he knew he wouldn’t accidentally meet anyone he knew from his church.

Setting up on the first tee, he was alone. After all, it was Sunday morning and everyone else was in church! At about this time, Saint Peter leaned over to the Lord while looking down from heaven and exclaimed,

“You’re not going to let him get away with this, are you?” The Lord sighed, and said, “No, I guess not.”Just then he hit the ball and it shot straight towards the pin, dropping just short of it, rolled up and fell into the hole. IT WAS A 435 YARD HOLE IN ONE! Saint Peter was astonished. He looked at the Lord and asked,

“Why did you let him do that?”The Lord smiled and replied,

“Who’s he going to tell?”

Notes from Fr: Tim
1) I had a wonderful two days visiting with friends, although I have returned with a wicked head cold. Such are the joys of spending time with a family who have three kids in school. One of them always has the latest germ or virus in their system to pass along to others!

2) The Gospel this weekend introduces us to a character named Theophilos, the person for whom the evangelist Luke wrote his Gospel as well as the Acts of the Apostles so that he might learn about Jesus as Messiah. What do you think you could do this week to introduce someone in your social circles to Christ?

3) Declaration on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide – Campaign for signatures: Last October, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the CCCB launched a joint Declaration on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide on Parliament Hill in the presence of members of the CCCB, Rabbi Reuven Bulka, and Imam Samy Metwally. Those responsible for the Declaration are now seeking signatures of members of these faith groups and other members of various mainline 

Protestant Churches from across the country. Signatures are made on line. The Declaration and the signatory option can be accessed at the following links:

English –

Français –

The hope is that this declaration can be used as evidence of the numerous and diverse groups of Canadians who do not support physician-assisted suicide.

4) R.I.P. HEARTY, Christian Xavier – At his home in Ottawa in his 13th year. He is the son of Rachel Hearty and Michael Jolicoeur. He is survived by his parents, his brothers Marcelo and Danilo Blanco, his grandmother Cynthia Hearty, great-grandmother Lucille Hearty, his grandparents Linda Jolicoeur and Michael Boisvert and many cousins, aunts, and uncles. He will be sadly missed by his great-grand uncle Gerard Venasse. Christian was a special needs child and brightened the lives of all who knew him. He will be in our hearts forever. Cremation has taken place, Interment in the spring

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