Troubles for the Church in Sheenboro

I’ve really been under the weather for the past five days battling a case of pneumonia. Whenever I pop out of bed for a few minutes I check and see if there’s something worth posting here, but I’m hardly spending any time reading what’s out there these past few days. Please say a prayer or send me some kind thoughts and good intentions for my recovery if you get a chance. They will be much appreciated.

St. Paul the Hermit Parish – Sheenboro QC

Also, our little Church in Sheenboro (St. Paul the Hermit Parish) was attacked and vandalized on Sunday night. Windows were smashed and attempts made to start a fire in both the Church building and the parish hall (which stands separate from the Church). Thankfully, since the available material used for fuel was wet, and due to the collective efforts of all the Sheener’s guardian angels the fires failed to take.

Some of the carnage that was discovered when folks arrived to prepare for a funeral Monday morning

Most unsettling though was the fact that Satanic symbols were painted on the wall of the Church with human blood. It’s scary to think such deluded individuals would or could reach so far as our little corner of the earth. While I was and am still unable to go to console and support the Sheenboro parishioners, our local Bishop, +Michael Mulhall spontaneously came to fulfill that role. We are all VERY grateful for his help and presence. Thank you very much Your Excellency!!

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