Parish Bulletin – June 25, 2017 – 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention
Monday     No Mass


11:00 AM


  Funeral for Herman Morin
Wednesday 10:00 AM


  For intentions of Fr. MacRae

By: Maria DeSouza

Thursday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Donald Retty

By: Lorna & Charlie Conway

Friday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Glenn Lapierre & Mr. & Mrs. Florian Allard

By: Gerard & Gilles Audet

Saturday 9:00 AM


Canada Day Elaine Mullen

By: Dick & Mary Edwards

Saturday 5:00 PM


Canada Day Raymond & Claire Gleason

By: Angie Retty

Brandon Perrault

By: Francis Downey

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Glenn Lapierre

By: Lois & Jimmy Tierney & Family

Sunday 10:30 AM


  Missa Pro Populo
Parish Lectors Communion
Sheenboro Kaleigh Gleason Doris Ranger
St. Joseph Carol Price Elaine McGuire
Chapeau Nicole Bertrand Nicole, Peter

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Fr. Costello, Viola Fleury, Cindy Chevalier, Joanne Souliere, J.P. Lariviere, Judy Bechamp, Lauretta Reid, Ashton Godin, Ida-Mae Turner, Kerry Kelly, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan and Norma Ranger.

Parish Collection Counter Monday’s at 9:00 a.m.
Sheen $612.00 Laetitia Tardiff Peacock, Monday, June 26th
St. Joseph $1,521.00  
Chapeau $1,695.00 Mariette Sallafranque, Tuesday, July 4th

New schedule for Readers and EOME is ready to be picked up in the sacristy.

MARRIAGE BANNS: There is a promise of marriage between Cody Carroll son of Thomas Carroll and Kerri Caldwell and Andrea Clare England daughter of William Lloyd England and Kimberly Ann Stoppa. The wedding will be celebrated at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at St. Alphonsus Church.

On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Canada there is a one day bus trip to Ottawa on September 6th for $139 per person. Twenty dollars is required now to reserve your seat. Call Mariette Gaudette at 819-689-2544 for more information.

On June 28th another one day trip is organized by Jamieson travel through the Opeongo Line at $150 per person. If interested please call 613-582-7011 or toll free at 1-888-582-7011.

CHAPEAU GALLERY NEWS: The Chapeau Gallery & Garage sale is now opened. (The month of July open Friday, Saturday & Sundays from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). Come & visit the new art work & artisans displays & gift shop, etc….. Bake Sale on Sunday July 2nd after mass.

WALK THE OPEONGO LINE – JULY 2730: A walking pilgrimage to celebrate the annual pilgrimage to St. Anne’s, Cormac. For more information and to register go to or contact Fr. Scott Murray or 613 735-6392.

Canada Day Silent Auction 2017: This is our 20th! Hope you’ll help us with your very generous donations as in the past. Proceeds go to our Recreation Association and the Parish Hall. Both concrete items and services are welcome but use your imagination and I know we won’t be disappointed. We’ll be accepting donations Thursday evening before Canada Day from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Parish Hall. Come and celebrate our 150th.  Angie Retty 689-2486

Knights of Columbus Council 1531: Will hold its annual closing dinner and awards night at the Knights of Columbus Hall on June 27. Tickets are available from Town and Country Men’s Shop in Pembroke, at the hall bar or by contacting Grand Knight Noel Leclair.

Notes from Fr. Tim
1) This weekend, Bishop Mulhall ordained four men to become priests of our Pembroke diocese. Each of them is a local lad from somewhere in the Valley. Some of them may have heard St. Pope John Paul II say during his visit to Toronto during World Youth Days in 2002: “There are many priests, seminarians, and consecrated persons here today. Be close to them and support them,” he told the crowd. “And if, in the depths of your hearts, you feel the same call to the priesthood or consecrated life, do not be afraid to follow Christ on the royal road of the Cross. We are grateful that Fathers Stephen, Michael, Justin, and Anthony had the courage to heed that call and pursue a religious vocation as priests of the Pembroke Diocese. Please pray that some of our single men and women right here in the Upper Pontiac might soon hear such a religious call in their life and also have the courage to serve God and the people of our great Ottawa Valley as priests and religious sisters. You know God’s still calling as many people to religious vocations as He ever did before. But people’s lives are either too noisy to hear it these days, or the challenge of living in such a counter-cultural way in the Church family frightens them from accepting the call. We all need to support all our young and single members and neighbors with all the encouragement and prayer we can offer to them and before Christ, the eternal priest.

2) Congratulations to young Patrick Wayne Fleury, infant son of Daniel Fleury and Jessica Simmons of Chapeau who was baptized last Sunday. This weekend I look forward to bringing two more children into God’s Church as they too are received into the sacramental of life of our local Catholic communities of faith. And there are quite a few others already scheduled this summer. It seems we’re in the midst of a bit of a baby boom in our parts these days! Baptisms have been up across the Upper Pontiac for these past few years It is a beautiful sign of hope in the future to see more and more couples choosing to bring a child (or more) into this world. May God continue to bless each child with a family to love, care, nurture, and teach them how to become solid citizens of our country and in their Church.

3) We extend our sympathy to the families of Lawrence ChartrandVictor Gleason, and Herman Morin whose funerals have been or will be celebrated in the Chapeau Church this coming week. We also offer the same condolences to the family and friends of Joanne Harkins from Waltham for she has died after a long battle with illness. May the consolations of the Holy Family be granted to all who need them as they grieve their recently lost loved ones. We pray and ask for their peace in the days and weeks ahead.

4) It’s vacation time for most of our kids, so watch out as you drive along the roads and streets of our areas these days. There will no doubt be more than a few kids running around enjoying the first fun days of summer vacation who might be just a little too excited to notice where they’re running! Best we be all on our best guard this coming week until some of that pent-up energy young kids have in such abundance after the long days of school come to an end gets burned off!

5) Communications issues still afflict us in the new Chapeau office as the phones are not yet working properly. The company has assured us that the technical problem is on their end, and very soon it will be resolved. Given the speed that this entire project has taken to finish, (I began working on the new entrance/washroom project when I was first here in Chapeau as pastor 12 years ago!!) suffice it to say that ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ You might have also noted that the next phase of repairs has begun on the exterior walls of the church itself.  Stick around for a presentation on the work that’s now beginning, discussing its scope, projected length to completion, and its cost at the short general parish meeting (5 or 10 minutes tops – I promise) after today’s Mass as I announced in last week’s bulletin. I hope as many as possible will take this opportunity to spend a few minutes learning what’s happening to their community church building.

6) We plan to shortly publish a financial statement for each parish covering the first six months of the year. Watch for more details in future bulletins as to where you can find a copy.

7) I hope to see many parishioners from all three parishes out having a great time at Sheenboro’s Canada Day celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Fr. Tom Fitzpatrick will be on hand to offer a Mass at 9 am to kick off the day followed by a pancake breakfast in the Parish Hall. Then the rest of the day can be spent taking in the various kids and family activities, and of course, the annual Parade is a must for all to see!. If the day is sunny and warm as we hope for next Saturday… (Note to Sheen residents: I trust someone has thought to put a rosary out on the clothesline to ensure sunny skies for the weekend?  We forgot to do it last year and the day was a rainy washout. Let’s not make that same mistake again this year, eh?) …you could also take the family for a swim in the warm shallow waters at the Fort. Then, take a short walk along the beach in the sunshine for a quick visit to St. Theresa’s Chapel. There you’ll find a real historical gem from before the days of Confederation when the Hudson’s Bay Company conducted the fur trade at Fort William. St. Theresa’s is treasured and cared for by the neighbors and residents up and down the local bays near to it. Mass has been celebrated within its walls at least once or twice almost every year since Canada’s been a nation! It’s beautifully kept both inside and out and well worth the visit. If the doors happen to be open when you visit, take a look around inside and appreciate all the beautiful woodwork and old altar. Then end off the day by bundling up the clan and get ready to watch the fireworks at sunset. It should be GREAT!! Best wishes and thanks to all the organizers and workers who have been preparing for weeks to be sure to have plenty of that famous hospitality to offer their visitor for which the folks of Sheen are rightfully famous for throughout the whole Valley. So I ask you? Could there be a better place to spend Canada’ sesquicentennial than in Sheenboro and Fort William? I think not.

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