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  1. Fr. Goerge David Byers posted the following this morning on Fr. Z’s post linked to above on behalf of Fr. Gordon J MacRae. I understand he is often in contact with Fr. MacRae, who is spending his 23rd year in prison for a crime he did not commit.

    Father George David Byers says:
    1 July 2017 at 8:18 AM
    I’m writing this on behalf of Father Gordon J MacRae:

    I deeply appreciate Father Zuhlsdorf’s support for this important story and of the cause of justice for falsely accused priests. There has been an important development. On the day after this was posted here and on TheseStoneWalls, Philadelphia Prosecutor Seth Williams stopped his trial and took a plea deal in this case. He was allowed to plead guilty to one of the 29 charges while admitting to the truth of all of them. He was ordered held without bail and faces five years in Federal prison as part of the plea deal. The saddest part of this story at this juncture is that it keeps from public view all the rest of the potential history of abuse of due process and prosecutorial misconduct in his open persecution of Catholic priests like Monsignor William Lynn and the late Father Charles Englehardt.

    Father Gordon J MacRae

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