Parish Bulletin – 4th Sunday of Advent – December 24, 2017

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention
Sunday 9:00 PM


Christmas Eve Percy Gleason

By: Emile & Jean Lebel

Leo Downey & Deceased Parents & Family Members

By: Teresa Downey & Family

Sunday 5:00 PM

St. Joseph

Christmas Eve Deceased Parents of Jimmy & Lois Tierney & Darrell England

By: Lois & Jimmy Tierney

Sunday 7:00 PM


Christmas Eve Deceased Parents

By: Marilyn & Harold Morris

Annette Demers

By: Henry Demers & Family

Monday 10:30 AM


Christmas Day Helen Fleming & Marion Fleury

By: The Group of 5

Shelby Sullivan

By: Nana & Papa

Saturday 5:00 PM


Holy Family Jeff Mulvihill

By: Doris & Donat Ranger

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

Holy Family of Jesus Mary & Joseph Missa Pro Populo
Sunday 10:30 AM


Holy Family of Jesus Mary & Joseph Deceased Parents & Relatives

By: Jacques & Delisca Demers

Phillias, Alma & Leonard Demers

By: Henry Demers & Family

Sunday 5:00 PM New Year’s Eve Lillian Moyle

By: Fr. Tim

Monday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

New Year’s Day Wilfrid Lariviere

By: Ephrem & Kristin & Family

Monday 10:30 AM


New Year’s Day Mary & Edward Michaud

By: The Family

Robert Godin, Francis & Jacqueline Lepine

By: Pauline & Family


Parish Lectors Communion
Sheenboro Francis Downey (Christmas Eve) Doris Ranger
St. Joseph Frank Trzbiatowski (Christmas Eve) Ron Price
Chapeau Lise Mainville (Christmas Eve) Meril, André, Nicole
Sheenboro Kaleigh Gleason(Dec. 30th), Patty Hansen(Dec. 31st) Peter Gleason, Jerry Muldoon (Dec 31)
St. Joseph Sharon Fitzpatrick(Dec. 31), Lawrence Duff (Jan. 1st) Margaret Tallon, Rita Keogh (Jan 1)
Chapeau Bernie Hendry (Christmas Day) Nicole, Meril
Chapeau Peter Smith (Dec. 31st)

Nicole Bertrand ( Jan. 1st)

Peter, André

Nicole, Meril

Parish Collection Counter (9:00 a.m.)
Sheen $660.00 Janet Retty, Tuesday, January 2nd
St. Joseph $1370.00  
Chapeau $2435.00  

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK Earl Lepine, Annie Gaudette, Sandra Fletcher McGuire, Aspyn Carroll, Roseanne Gagnon, Viola Fleury, Joanne Souliere, J.P. Lariviere,, Ashton Godin, Ida-Mae Turner, Kerry Kelly, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan and Norma Ranger

St. Joseph’s C.W.L: Thank you ladies for the wonderful display of cookies. Thanks for all your help. This year Rita Keogh received her 10 year pin. Jean Gallagher, her 60 year pin. Amazing! Congratulations Ladies.

Thank you On behalf of Mayor Winston Sunstrum and Council:  to everyone who came out and supported the Celebration of Lights.  We raised $84.00 for Dr. Wilbert Keon School and $84.00 for Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur breakfast club.

SHEENBORO R.A: is again renting the ice in the Arena on Dec.26th; 11:00-12:00 will be skating and 12:00-1:00 will be pick- up hockey. Helmets are recommended

Knights of Columbus Council 1531 Membership Fees are due before December 31st. If you would like to pay your 2018 membership dues, please send a cheque payable to the “Knights of Columbus – 1531” to D.Reynolds 343 Broadview Drive, Pembroke, Ont K8A 2A6 or drop off at the Knights of Columbus hall at 170 Ellis Ave, Pembroke, Ontario K8A 2H9.  If you have any questions, please contact Darrell at 613-732-8797.

NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL SPONSORED BY CHAPEAU R.A:  Sunday December 31, 2017 at Harrington Community Centre from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. D.J. Tazman & Trimmer’s Poutine late lunch. Get your tickets before December 30th to be entered in the early bird draw alcohol & snack prize basket Donated by DC Store & Bar. Contact Karie Bissionette on Facebook or 613-401-1850 to be entered. Cost is $15 per person and tickets are available from members of the R.A., Conroy’s Grocery, Waltham Station and DC Store.   The Chapeau RA thanks you for your support to improve recreational activities in the community. Future plans: Gazebo, trees and fence.

YOUNG AT HEART: Our club will sponsor the Euchre games for the next 3 months starting on Monday, January 8th and our regular cards will follow on Wednesday, January 10th at 1 pm. All is welcome!

Notes from Fr. Tim:
1) The Liberal government in Ottawa has just introduced a new policy regarding the distribution of student grants. It states: “To be eligible, applicants will have to attest that: both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights,” This means that to obtain a grant, the parish must sign a declaration pledging support for abortion, euthanasia, and transgender rights etc. Since it is clearly impossible for any Catholic parish to sign such a document, the parishes will not be able to apply for any summer grants. It had been my hope to make such an application to hire a student to cut the grass in Chapeau (Church and cemeteries) as a means of saving funds to put towards the repayment of our debt. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option that we can pursue due to this policy change on the part of the federal government. Given the fact that the cemetery and church grounds were not up to standard last summer (as was evidenced by the high number of complaints received by the parish office) we will need to research what other options might be open to us for the care of the church and cemetery grounds.

2) Speaking of the cemeteries, I’m afraid I have a little more bad news to pass along. Up to know we have accommodated the wishes of families who asked to have the cremated remains of deceased family members buried on a Saturday. In fact, we’ve been the only parish that has been able to offer this service thanks to the services of a local lad. This will no longer be possible thanks to a decision made by government social workers in Campbell’s Bay prohibiting him from opening and closing the graves for us. If you wish to know more or if you wish to register a complaint about this change, I encourage you to call 1-800-567-9678 ext 233 and ask why it is that we can no longer accommodate weekend burials. This policy will be in effect for all three parishes commencing Spring 2018.

3) Help Wanted!! We are urgently looking for someone who will shovel snow in Chapeau for the entrances to the church. Please call me at 819-689-5232 if you are interested in the job.

4) Congratulations to Lincoln Robert Dawson, child of Mallorie Chartrand and Spencer Dawson who was baptized into our Catholic faith this past Sunday.

5) Merry Christmas to everyone. May your gifts, love, and food be plentiful and your dishes be light. And may all your wishes for peace shine bright!!

6) The parish offices will be closed all this coming week. We will reopen for business on Tuesday, January 2nd.


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