Why it is important to oppose the government’s demand for an attestation in support of abortion rights

There’s an article published on the National Post website that supplies a ‘play-by-play’ analysis of how we have come to the situation which led to my recent foray into the public forum. I bring to your attention the paragraph posted below this commentary. It should explain why I decided we had nothing to lose by my speaking out. When I read ‘(N)o such organization will receive funding from any constituencies represented by Liberal MPs.’, there really was no other option. Who knew that we would be punished for voting in a member of the government’s party in the last election? Evidently, he represents a party that has no comprehension of the concept of respecting ‘issues of conscience’.


The story was picked up by iPolitics in April 2017 and, in response, Employment Minister Patty Hajdu’s office put out a statement that said: “Any funding provided to an organization that works to limit women’s reproductive rights last summer was an oversight … That’s why this year we fixed the issue and no such organizations will receive funding from any constituencies represented by Liberal MPs.”

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