A short video everyone should watch

Any person who has ever been blessed to be able to call someone born with Down Syndrome a friend will no doubt find their hearts renewed watching this video. It offers a reminder of what it is about them which endears them so deeply to us: an endless innocence and ‘joi de vie’ that most of us wish could only wish were the hallmarks of our own lives.

A friend of mine once said that since Down Syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosone in one’s DNA, he was convinced that it was one of “innocence and sunshine granted to a few ‘more perfect souls’ than the rest of us”. To be able to journey through this life largely untouched or tainted by the the things that steal the joy for life and troubles our mind while possessing a capacity to love others so unconditionally, to always see the best in others and believing it will always work out OK in the end. Such a trip through life like that is an experience worthy of only the best of souls. Having such a person in your life is a blessing in itself as well, something I can happily attest to as true in my own life’s experiences.

So if you’re looking for a bit of sunshine or something sure to bring a warm memory of such friends throughout the years, look no farther than to the video above. I’m fairly certain it’ll to do the trick! It did for me.

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