Parish Bulletin – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8 July 2018

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention  
Monday   No Mass  
Tuesday 10:00 AM


  Remi Vaillancourt

By: Jacqueline, Pierrette & Gilles

Leonard Marchildon (Anniv.)

Marilyn, Harold & Family

Wednesday 10:00 AM


  Special Intention

By: A Parishioner

Thursday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Reg & Dora Cahill

By: The Cahill Family

Friday 10:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Carmelita Gleason

By: Helen & Maureen Morris

Saturday 5:00 PM


  Percy & Carmelita Gleason

By: Emile & Jean Lebel

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  For the special intention of Roger & Mary Lavoie on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Marian McGuire Rochon (Anniv.)

By: The Family

Sunday 10:30 AM


  Missa Pro Populo  
Parish Lectors Communion
Sheenboro Kaleigh Gleason Peter Gleason
St. Joseph Lawrence Duff Elaine McGuire
Chapeau André Chartrand André, Peter

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Alvin Lepine, Anchie Bechamp, Merrill Allard, Earl Lepine, Annie Gaudette, Sandra Fletcher- McGuire, Aspyn Carroll, Roseanne Gagnon, Viola Fleury, Joanne Souliere, J.P. Lariviere, Patsy Lariviere, Ida-Mae Turner, Kerry Kelly, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan and Norma Ranger.

Parish Sunday Collection             Counter
Sheen $1415.00 Monday, July 9th, Martin Flood
St. Joseph $1545.00  
Chapeau $1625.00 Susanne Lapierre, Monday, July 16th

CHAPEAU GALLERY NEWS: Summer Hours – Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm. Come visit the Gallery, featuring an Art Exhibition, Market, History Books of Allumette Island, Indigenous, Exhibition, Gift Shop, museum (1850s Parlour and Bishop’s Room), Doll Collection, Vintage Clothing Boutique and Bridal Salon. The next bake, book sale will be on Saturday & Sunday August 4th & 5th. Each week, new items are added to the Garage Sale. ‘Someone’s throw away is someone’s treasure’. Thank you for your support!

 FEATURE ARTISTS/ARTISANS: Jane Lamure-LeRoy of Waltham Jane is a local Algonquin artist with roots to L’Isle-aux-Allumettes area. She uses different mediums to explore a cultural path blending traditional art with modern influences. She is the proud owner of ‘Cedar and Sage’ Store. Jane will be available to demonstrate the making of an indigenous bracelet on Sunday, July 15th at 2:00 p.m. Nancy Nighbor of Pembroke: Nancy’s creation of drawings in pen and ink prints of landmarked sites in the area (Fred’s, Keon’s, St. Alphonsus church, Fort William etc.). Nancy will be available to demonstrate a pen and ink drawing of a landmark site on Sunday, July 22nd at 2 p.m.

CHAPEAU REGIONALE GALLERIE: Tuesday at 2 p.m. there will be a coffee club for the ladies. Come join us for a social afternoon. (Donations only)

PILGRIMAGE TO SHRINE OF ST. ANN IN CORMAC: Plan to attend the 80th Annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Ann in Cormac on Sunday, July 29th, with Bishop Mulhall and Father Denis Lemieux. The theme of the Pilgrimage will be “The Way of the Listening Heart”. The principal Pilgrimage Mass will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. with Bishop Michael Mulhall presiding, and a Mass of healing will be celebrated at 2:00 p.m. Local priests will be assisting with he blessing with St. Ann’s oil. A section of preferential seating in the shade will be given to those with lawn chairs. Religious articles, St. Ann’s Mass League memberships, and food and refreshments will be available. Everyone Welcome! For further information, please see:

STONE FENCE THEATRE COMES TO SHEENBORO: The Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association (OFWCA) hosts Stone Fence Theatre’s musical production “I Come from the Valley! Tales and Times of Joan Finnigan” at Sheenboro Parish Hall, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 7:30 pm.   The hall and bar open at 6:30 pm. St. Paul the Hermit Parish will host the bar and keep the proceeds. Tickets are $28 per person and the price includes dessert and tea/coffee at the intermission.   We will again seek pie donations from our talented bakers of Fort William and Sheenboro! If you wish to make a donation of a pie, dessert or squares, please contact Chris Graham at At past theatre events, our bakers wowed everyone with their delicious pies, we hope that you do again! You may purchase a ticket from Chris Graham, Janet Retty, Chris Cavan, Diane Lacourse and Joann McCann.

 This week’s gospel passage unfolds a continuing theme of Mark’s Gospel: Who is Jesus? His kinfolk in Nazareth might know the carpenter, the son of Mary, but they do not know Jesus, the Son of God. Mark is foreshadowing Jesus’ rejection by his own people, the people of Israel. He is also reflecting on and trying to explain the situation of the community for which he wrote. While many of the first Christians were Jewish, Christianity took hold and flourished in the Gentile community. Mark’s community was mostly a Gentile community, who may have been experiencing persecution. By showing that Jesus himself was rejected, Mark consoles and reassures his first readers. He also prepares us to accept this possible consequence of Christian discipleship.

Notes from Fr. Tim:
1) I have a few cemetery issues to put before you. First, please remember that it is not permitted to plant flowers, shrubs, or trees anywhere in the cemeteries. Nor is it permitted to place anything on the ground in front, beside or behind a gravestone. We use lawn tractors to cut the grass and there is not enough space to drive around items placed on the ground. Therefore, any flowers or plants will be either mowed over or removed without notice. (NOTE: These rules are clearly marked on signs at all of our cemeteries.)

The second issue deals with headstones. Please remember that the care and condition of all gravestones and markers in Quebec are by law the responsibility of the family and not the cemetery. There are a number of markers and gravestones that are in a terrible condition particularly in the Old Chapeau Parish cemetery. ‘Perpetual care’ funds are used exclusively for ground maintenance and do not cover care for monuments. Some monuments currently have fallen over or broken into parts and lay on the ground. This is creating a major issue for the maintenance of the grounds and in some cases constitute a serious safety hazard. We ask families to please check the status of any family markers etc and take the necessary steps to repair those in danger of toppling or have already fallen. Headstones that have fallen into serious disrepair or are a danger to fall will be removed and disposed of by the parish by the end of this fall. I appreciate that this may cause distress for some families but insurance concerns require that we ensure the safety for anyone who walks through the cemeteries. I thank you in advance for helping to address this issue.

2) There will be fresh strawberries for sale in Chapeau on the Gallery grounds. 1/2 of the price will be put towards the Peruvian Carpentry School that we’ve adopted as the St. Alphonsus Parish mission project. We are aiming to raise at least $4,000 before the end of the year to help them get this project off the ground so extra donations are always welcome! Just look for the ‘Fr. Tim’s Project’ sign to find the berries.

3) We will be posting the 6-month financial statement for each parish within the next week or two. Feel free to give the office a call if you have any questions or want to come and pick up a copy for yourself.

4) Congratulations to Lance Godin and Erin Allard who were married in St. Alphonsus Church this weekend. Please pray for a long and happy life for them as a married couple.

5) Congratulations to the organizers of the Canada Day festivities in Sheenboro. Special thanks go out to Fr. Chris Shalla who stepped in at the last minute as the celebrant of the morning Mass. I know that he was warmly welcomed and appreciated by all who attended that service.

6) Here’s a little information about St. Bryce Mission in Costa Rica, the mission project that St. Paul the Hermit Parish has adopted. “Saint Bryce Missions currently has two active ministry sites in Costa Rica and soon in Myanmar, and we hope to continue to impact other communities globally. We have completed 10 chapel construction or renovation projects as part of our Faith in Action initiative and are actively engaged in the work of evangelization in these communities. We have created a growing social enterprise initiative for women in Costa Rica as well as an agricultural initiative in Tanzania as part of our Hope in Action programming. In 2013, we founded the St. Francis Emmaus Center in Costa Rica as part of our Love in Action programming to provide rest and recuperation time as well as support and health education to pregnant Cabecar mothers who lack access to health services.”

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