Parish Bulletin – 1st Sunday of Advent – December 2, 2018

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention  
Monday     No Mass  
Tuesday Chapeau

10:00 AM

  André Lafleur

By: Mado Keon

Wednesday Chapeau

10:00 AM

  Henri Beaulieu

By: Mike & Rosa Mainville

Thursday St. Joseph

10:00 AM

  Special intentions of all the Priests of the Diocese of Pembroke  
Friday St. Joseph

10:00 AM

  Reggie Chaput

By: Cecil Tremblay

Saturday Sheenboro

5:00 PM

  Danny Allard

By: The Allard Family

Miles Venasse

By: Neil & Cathy Venasse

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Missa Pro Populo  
Sunday 10:30 AM


  Darrell Belland

By: Mom & Dad

Andrew Keon

By: Lois & Barry

Parish Lectors Communion
Sheenboro Patty Hansen Peter Gleason
St. Joseph Sam McGuire Ron, Margaret
Chapeau Marlene Adam Meril, Janie

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Nancy Turner Thibeault, Barbara Coventry, Leonard Duff, Fran Flavelle, Sandy LaRose-Dutton, Pat Keon, Paul Keon, Anchie Bechamp, Earl Lepine, Annie Gaudette, Sandra Fletcher- McGuire, Aspyn Carroll, Roseanne Gagnon, Viola Fleury, Joanne Souliere, J.P. Lariviere, Patsy Lariviere, Ida-Mae Turner, Kerry Kelly, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan and Norma Ranger.

Parish Sunday Collection         Counter
Sheen $530.00    Laetitia Tardiff Peacock, Monday December 17th
St. Joseph $1155.00 Sharon Fitzpatrick, Monday, December 3rd
Chapeau $1705.00 Suzanne Lapierre, Monday, December 10th

THANK YOU: With heartful appreciation, Larry and Carol-Ann Tackney & family would like to thank Fr. Tim Moyle for the funeral service for Eldon Tackney. We also wish to thank the Neville’s Funeral Home, Maureen & Cathy Neville for the hymns. Thanks too to everyone for the cards, flowers, food, and kind expressions in the wake of Eldon’s death.                                                             The Tackney Family

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Rose St-Cyr Johnston who was originally from Allumette Island. Funeral is Friday, December 7th at 11:00 a.m. at St. Jean-Baptiste and the wake is at Neville’s from 9 a.m. to 10:50 prior to the Funeral.

ST. JOSEPH PARISH is looking for children 3 and up to participate in this year’s Christmas pageant. If interested please contact Rebecca Kelly at 819-689-5287. First practice will be held this Sunday, December 2nd after church. Hope to see you there!

ST. ALPHONSUS C.W.L: Thank you once again to all vendors, shoppers, luncheon folks and workers who helped make our Craft Sale and Luncheon a great success. Rosa Mainville was the lucky winner of the 50/50. Congratulations Rosa!

Mark your Calendar for the Chapeau CWL Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 11th at 7:00 Harrington Community Centre. You are welcome to join us for games and music. Those attending are asked to bring a small plate of goodies to share. The “Money Tree” donations will go to Fr. Tim’s Peruvian Project this year. Hope you can join us on the 11th.

CHAPEAU R.A. PRESENTS “A FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY”: Let’s celebrate on Sunday, December 9th 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Activities include: Kids build their own Gingerbread house, kids create their own Christmas Craft, Christmas movie and popcorn. Entry fee is $10. Family photo by Sarah Wood Photography $10/pic. Please register with Karie Bissonnette or Marielle Lair on Facebook or at 613-401-2850 by December 2nd as organizers need time to purchase supplies.

CHAPEAU CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PAGEANT AND YOUTH CHOIR:   Our Children’s Christmas Pageant will take place during our 7pm Christmas Eve Mass. We are looking for angels, kings and shepherds aged 4 and up who would love to participate. We are also looking for older participants to join our Youth choir that will lead our pageant in the singing of lovely Christmas carols. If you are interested in either the pageant or the choir, please join us at our first practice on Dec. 2nd at 2:00 pm or call Hélène Chartrand at 613-312-9249 to sign-up. Thank you!

YOUNG AT HEART NEWS: Our Christmas Party will be held on Wednesday, December 12th at 1:00 p.m. Roast Beef Dinner by Cheryl Smith at $22 per plate. Please get your ticket by December 5th. You can call Jeannette Gaudette 819-689-2856.

ST. JOSEPH CWL: St. Joseph CWL has organized a fundraiser to supplement the projects we support throughout the year. We will be selling tickets on a Christmas Basket (turkey & trimmings). The fundraiser will run from November 15 to December 15. Tickets are $ 5.00 a book. The draw will take place December 19th. We need your support. Tickets are at the back now. Please take a bag (or more). You may hand in your tickets to Donna or Sharon. Thank You.

FATHER TIM’S CHAPEAU CHRISTMAS COOKIE ELVES: are gearing up for another festive season. If you know someone who’d enjoy a visit from a Christmas Cookie Elf, please let Pauline know by calling the Parish Office and we will add them to our recipient’s list. If you would like to be a cookie baking elf, please call Bernie at 819-689-5223. Thanks!



 Advent derives from the Latin ‘adventus’ meaning ‘arrival’ or ‘approach’. For thousands of years, the world waited for the coming of the Messiah to redeem and to save the human race, restoring mankind’s relationship to God.

 We, too, experience this same longing for the coming of Christ. Spiritually, we long for the coming of Christ into our hearts as the Holy Spirit draws us into ever-deepening relationship with Him; we also long for Christ in his Second Coming, when He will return physically to earth—as He promised—to restore all things to Himself.

 Therefore the Advent season has these characteristics: It is a season of, 1) Hopeful longing; 2) Joyful expectation; 3) Prayerful penance; and 4) Spiritual preparation.

It looks to 1) Salvation history of the past; 2) Our present redemption being accomplished; and 3) the future coming of Christ. Advent connects us spiritually with God’s whole plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Notes from Fr. Tim:
1) Welcome to the season of Advent! These four weeks leading up to Christmas are an opportunity for us to prepare our hearts and souls for the arrival of the Christ-child just as we do to prepare our house and home for the Christmas celebrations. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a great way for us to make ready our souls to meet God. For this reason, I will be available in Sheenboro next Saturday from 3:30 – 4:30 pm to hear confessions. Similarly, I’ll be in the St. Joseph’s Church on Saturday, Dec. 15 and Chapeau on Saturday, Dec. 22 from 3-4 pm.

2) If you haven’t yet taken a decorations card home with you to adorn our Trees of Life, please do so this week. We ask that you personalize the decorations with photos, colour, and other additions like garland to make them worthy additions through which we remember people and events from our respective families.

3) Our sympathy and prayers go out to the family of David Fleury, an employee of the Municipality of Allumette Island who passed away last week.

4) Today’s Gospel from Luke is taken from the last chapter before the passion narrative in which Jesus is teaching in the Temple. We hear Jesus speak to his disciples about the need for vigilance and prayer as they wait for the coming of the Son of Man in glory. This passage marks the conclusion of a lengthy dialogue in which Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, warns about the persecution and tribulations to follow, and identifies the signs that will signal the coming of the Son of Man in glory. Though Jesus predicts a time of destruction and fear, Jesus indicates that others will be frightened; Jesus’ disciples are not to fear, but are to stand tall. Yet Jesus does not promise deliverance from anxiety or tribulations. He encourages his disciples to pray for strength. The early Christian communities did not find consolation in the promise of a utopia, nor should we. Instead, we find in our Christian faith the means by which we witness to God’s unfailing love for us in all circumstances.

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