Safety steps for people who go out into public spaces

Folks… it’s dangerous out there. The count for Renfrew County now stands at 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one fatality already. Clearly, the virus has arrived in our locale because if it’s on that side of the river, you know it’s already been tracked over here. So here’s how you should handle anyone coming into your house from a public space. (Shopping, visiting, being anywhere where people are gathered.)

When someone comes home and into your house after going to a store or any public place, their shoes need to come off and be Lysol-ed. Their clothes come off and straight into a washer using the hot setting for both the washer and the dryer. They need to jump in the shower and remember to wash their hands thoroughly while they’re in there. Lysol anything they touched (including door knobs inside and outside the house) when they are in the shower. This is the ONLY GUARANTEED way that you can keep your home free from the virus, assuming that no one who’s currently contagious comes in.

Be safe. Stay indoors. Save a life. (It might be yours!)

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