Sad news* (amended)

With sadness, I announce the death of Mr. Clayton Cotnam yesterday in Pembroke of St. Joseph’s Parish.  Full obituary details will be published when it becomes available. Please pray for his family during this time of mourning.

NOTE PLEASE THE CHANGE IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOVE! Mr. Cotnam’s test results came back post-mortem and they did not find any COVID virus in his system. It was because of inter-provincial protocol differences between our two provinces that resulted in a ‘presumed’ diagnosis on one side is a cause of death on the other. Given too that we as clergy and funeral services have all been informed by our appropriate authorities what protocols are indeed we are to follow in the event of such a case it made a significant difference as to both what services were required and who could participate in them. That’s why the first announcement included the cause of death. My sincere apologies to any fear my decision to publish may have caused in the general public, and particularly to Clayton’s family who are already dealing with their grief in his death. They had no need of having a terrible day made worse. I am deeply sorry for complicating your pain today.

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