Parish Bulletin – feast of corpus christi – 14 june 2020

Parish Bulletin – Feast of Corpus Christi – 14 June 2020

Live-Streamed Masses for the Week:

Tuesday: 10:am Lucien & Henri Beaulieu – sister, Pauline

Wednesday: 10:am Maurice & Cecile Beaulieu – daughter, Pauline

Thursday:   7:pm Lisa Lariviere – her family

Friday:   7:pm Eunice Meilleur – her family

Sunday: 10:am Andrew Keon – Mado Keon and family

Live-Streamed Adorations:

Tuesday: 10:20 am to 2:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:20 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday:   7:00 pm to 8: pm (Benediction at 7:55 pm)

Friday:   7:00 pm to 8: pm (Benediction at 7:55 pm)


1) With Father’s Day approaching next weekend, one of the ways that you can remember and honour a departed parent is to have their tombstone cleaned. Chris Gardner of Chapeau is offering this new service in all of our local cemeteries. He can be reached at 819-689-2335. 

2) Installation as Bishop of Pembroke: Bishop Guy Desrochers will be installed as Bishop of Pembroke on July 3rd. On account of the restrictions necessitated by COVID-19, this will be a small, private ceremony, with perhaps no more than a handful of people present. It will be recorded for broadcast online. A public liturgical celebration will be planned for a later date, when it will be possible to gather a large number of people. 

Inauguration du ministère épiscopal: L’inauguration du ministère de Mgr Desrochers comme évêque de Pembroke aura lieu le 3 juillet. En raison des restrictions imposées par la COVID-19, il s’agira d’une petite cérémonie privée, à laquelle ne participeront peut-être qu’une poignée de personnes. Elle sera enregistrée pour être diffusée en ligne. Une célébration liturgique publique sera prévue à une date ultérieure, lorsqu’il sera possible de rassembler un grand nombre de personnes.

3) St. Francis Xavier Parish Supper CANCELLED! Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please note that the Hot Roast Beef Dinner at St. Francis Xavier Parish, Renfrew, scheduled for Sunday, June 14th will not be held this year.

4) Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Ann, Cormac CANCELLED! Please note that the Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Ann in Cormac on Sunday, July 26th, and the Triduum in the week preceding will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5) Procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi CANCELLED! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Celebration of the Eucharist with Procession scheduled for Sunday, June 14th at 10:30 a.m. at St. Columbkille Cathedral will not be held this year.

6) The Government of Ontario announced this week that Churches can resume public celebrations under strict conditions. This announcement only affects the churches in the Ontario sectors of our Diocese. Alas for us in the Pontiac, the Québec government has not permitted our parishes on this side of the River to open yet. 

When they do allow us to open our doors again, (and I regret to report that there’s no indication that date is imminent) please be advised that, given the restrictions that are anticipated to be imposed regarding the numbers of people permitted to attend and the spacing requirements required for each family, it will not be practical to resume weekend Masses immediately in either the Sheenboro or St. Joseph’s churches given the small size of those buildings. For this reason only – and only until the regulations are relaxed to permit larger crowds in smaller buildings- I will instead celebrate two weekend Masses in St. Alphonsus Church in Chapeau (Saturday evenings at 7 pm & Sunday morning at 10:30 am) as it is the only church building large enough to serve our needs. I will also continue to celebrate a live-streamed weekend Mass on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am which can be viewed at any time thereafter on Facebook on both my personal timeline and on the ‘Catholic Parishes of the Upper Pontiac’ Facebook page. Further, when public Masses permitted, I will resume celebrating weekday Masses in St. Joseph’s Church only on Tuesday through Friday each week. These Masses, together with the streams of our Eucharistic Adoration and Benedictions will continue to be live-streamed until further notice.

It is also becoming evident that the government will most probably maintain a strict limit on the public celebrations of funerals and weddings, continuing to limit the number of people who can attend to approximately 10 people even once we are permitted to resume public celebrations again. The Quebec Bishops are endeavouring to change this position the government seems to be insisting upon, but from what I’ve been able to ascertain, these negotiations are not yet going very well.

As pastor of all three parishes, I well appreciate that this is far from being a satisfactory situation for all concerned. But rest assured these changes will only be temporary until the government issues a more relaxed set of rules. We will return to a full schedule of Masses in all three parishes as was before this pandemic started as soon as possible. Please join your prayers with mine that this day will come as quickly as possible because like you, I deeply regret not being able to celebrate the sacraments publicly in all three parishes. I thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

7) Want to have a Mass celebrated for a specific intention? Contact me either by phone (819-689-5232) or by email ( and I will be please to schedule it as soon as possible.

8) Happy Father’s Day to one and all!

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