Repairs and Renovations Report

Even though our two smaller parishes have been closed since the pandemic shutdown work has continued on their various repairs and renovations. Now that they will be opening up again next weekend, it seemed an opportune time to let people know what has been done and what still remains to be done.

St. Paul the Hermit: Sheenboro

The following work has been completed:

  • Outside windows re-glazed and painted
  • Installation of new fire door exit
  • Installation of ice guard on the roof to protect the electrical stack
  • Repair of soffit under the electrical stack
  • Repair of the soffit at the front door
  • Repair and paint the ceiling in the Church
  • Rebuild the retaining wall
  • Installation of outside stairs at the retaining wall

The following work has yet to be completed:

  • Repointing of the concrete blocks on the exterior of the church
  • Installation of railing on the new outside stairs

Our thanks to Martin Flood for coordinating and overseeing all of these repairs.

St. Joseph’s Parish: St. Joseph’s

The interior lighting has been replaced and upgraded in both the Church and Sacristy with fixtures donated from the Parliament Building in Ottawa. (Thanks to Fr. Chris Shalla for obtaining these fixtures for our use.)

New outlets have been installed in the sanctuary of the Church to facilitate easier access to power without having to resort to using extension cords.

A new step has been installed at the side entrance to the building to allow us to safely use it as an exit door as required by the COVID regulations which state that people should enter through one door and exit via another.

Thank you to Dale Graveline for overseeing these improvements.


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