Parish BUlletin – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary times – 30/08/2020

PARISH BULLETIN: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 30/08/2020

Streamed Masses:

Monday: 10 am. NO MASS

Tuesday: 10 am. Brandon Perrault – Gene & Eddy O’Brien

Wednesday: 10 am. In Thanksgiving to God/St. Theresa – Marilyn

Thursday: 10 am. Mary Lapierre – Stanley, Diane, Sheen, & Christian McGuire

Friday: 10 am. NO MASS

Sunday:   9 am. Missa Pro Populo

Live Masses:

Chapeau: Friday at 11 am: Funeral for Mr. Gilles Groulx

Sheenboro Saturday 5 pm. John (Jack) Jennings – Janet & Frank Retty

St. Joseph Sunday   9 am. Merrill Allard – Leonard & Ate Duff & family

Chapeau Sunday     10:30 am. Lucille Vaillancourt – St. Alphonsus CWL

Rhea Vaillancourt – St. Alphonsus Choir


Sheenboro: $ 745 St. Joseph: $860 Chapeau: $535

Thank you / Merci


  1. This week will be the last week of my summer vacation so I will stream weekday Masses from my cottage at 10 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Because of the funeral scheduled for Friday morning in Chapeau (for Gilles Groulx, recently deceased companion of Sheila Stacey) there won’t be a streamed Mass on that day.
  2. Well, last Sunday we live streamed our Mass from St. Joseph’s via YouTube and Facebook. Unfortunately, the quality of the internet stream has been problematic lately as Picanoc seems to having some difficulty. If you have trouble viewing at 9 am. The complete video will be available for uninterrupted viewing at 10:30 am on YouTube. Just search for my channel (Fr. Tim Moyle) and you will find the Mass there. Hopefully Picanoc will soon resolve their service issues and everyone will be able to watch in real time asap.
  3. The funeral services for Gilles Groulx will be celebrated in Chapeau on Friday September 4th at 11 am. Again, we extend our sympathy and prayers to his family and friends.
  4. It is my intention to continue to livestream weekday Masses exclusively on Facebook from St. Joseph’s Church rather than resuming their celebration in Chapeau. This will permit us to maintain social distancing for those who want to attend in person while simultaneously serving those who prefer not to venture into a public gathering. Each Mass will be integrated into a Holy Hour with Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction, the recitation of the Rosary (Wednesdays), and the Divine Mercy Chaplet (Thursdays). 
  5. We will also be starting two online course offerings via that will be offered on Tuesday evenings (7 pm) and Friday afternoons (2 pm) beginning on the week of September 14th. On Tuesdays we will study ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and on Fridays we will begin a journey through ‘The Screwtape Letters’ by C.S. Lewis. Please email me with your interest in registering in either program and I will forward you a link which will permit you to participate online at the appointed time.
  6. Here are the MAXIMUM numbers of parishioners who can attend in each of our churches to comply with the requirements of social distancing.  Chapeau:  150;  St. Joseph’s: 65; Sheenboro: 50. If people from the same household sit together in the same pew, it will sometimes be possible to accommodate a few more.


Please be advised that the Church will be open for people to enter on Saturday afternoon at 4:40 pm. We ask everyone to please wait until then before entering as it gives time for the screeners who need to take temperatures and ensure other required procedures are completed to get everything in place.

We are looking for two or three more volunteers to step forward to help with wiping down the pews after each Mass. Please contact either Joann McCann, Rosemary Brisson, or Janet Retty  if you are willing and able to assist with this necessary work if we want to keep our building open during these pandemic times.

ST. PAUL THE HERMIT MEMORIAL WALL: The Celtic cross at the back of the church forms part of the memorial wall to commemorate donations made in memoriam and proceeds have and will continue to pay for the church repairs. Beautiful individual wood shamrocks will be placed around the Celtic cross and each shamrock will  have the name of the person honoured by  the donation.   If you made a donation in the past year towards the capital repairs,  a member of parish council will contact to confirm the name of the person that you are honouring.  There is no deadline for your donation as we can continue to add shamrocks to our memorial wall. We are hoping for a minimum donation of $250 per shamrock. If you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Flood at 613 433-4891.


It seems almost criminal to use this word, but we are looking for someone who would be interested in shovelling the snow off of the walks for this coming winter. The walks and doorways must be cleared of snow and sanded at least one hour before Masses. Please contact Fr. Tim if you are interested in this position. We are willing to pay up to $20 per hour to have this work done. Thank you.


Jesus as a TRUE FRIEND

Jesus Christ loves us enough to tell us the truth about ourselves. 

  • Those who selfishly use other people instead of seeking their authentic good rarely tell them hard truths.
  • It’s too risky.
  • Pointing out their failings may result in offense and rejection – like the parents who are afraid to discipline their child.
  • But love will take the risk, because love always goes after what is best for the beloved.
  • true friend will tell you when you’re wrong, so that you can straighten out.

            Christ is a true friend, and he shows it in this conversation with St Peter. 

  • Jesus just finished elevating Peter to a position of prominence in the coming Kingdom (the passage we just listened to follows immediately the one where Christ dubs him the “rock” upon which he will build his Church).
  • But then Jesus makes the shocking announcement that he is going to suffer greatly and be killed – he predicts his passion.
  • Peter, puffed up with naïve self-importance, takes the Lord aside and disagrees with him.
  • That’s when Christ comes down hard on him – very hard, calling him “Satan” and telling him that he is thinking like a pagan, not like a Christian.
  • Only a true friend would do something like that.

Not everyone liked Jesus.

  • Many Pharisees and Scribes positively hated him and had been plotting his death almost since the beginning of his ministry.
  • When Jesus made his speech about the importance of the Eucharist (John 6), of eating his flesh and drinking his blood in order to receive eternal life, most of his followers walked out on him.
  • Here too, by being so firm with Peter, he was risking a walk-out.
  • But in every case, Jesus cared less about personal popularity than about the saving truth.

He is a friend we can count on.

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