Parish Bulletin – Feast of All Saints – 1 November 2020

Parish Bulletin – Feast of All Saints – 1 November 2020

Masses for the Week of November 3rd – November November 8th


TUESDAY:*              10 AM             John Keon – The Sullivan Family

WEDNESDAY:**      10 AM             Victor Gagnon – Bissonnette Family

THURSDAY:*           10 AM             Marian McGuire-Rochon – Mike & Judy Kelly

FRIDAY:***              10 AM             Florian Allard – Francoise & Pierre Vaillancourt

SUNDAY:            10:30 AM             Missa Pro Populo

*These Masses will be streamed online, but all parishioners are welcome to attend. All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary during Exposition

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy during Exposition


Sheenboro:      (Saturday)       5 PM  

M/M Regis Venasse – Dianne Mainville

St. Joseph:       (Sunday)         9 AM  

Danny Kelly & Brigitta Gottfried – Helen Fitzpatrick

Chapeau:         (Sunday)   10:30 AM 

1) Francis, Jacqueline & Deceased Family – Pauline & Family

 2) Teresa McDonald – Janie Carroll

PLEASE REMEMBER… If you are sick or have a cough, please do not attend. Remember, the Bishop has suspended our obligation to attend a Sunday Mass until further notice so please stay home so as to not make others sick.


St. Paul the Hermit:   $1225.00

St. Joseph’s:                $  787.00

St. Alphonsus:             $2607.00

Total Online Donations to Date:  $ 8236.05



1) The video course studying Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI continues on Tuesdays at 7 pm.  The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis course continues on Thursdays at 7 pm. It’s never too later to register! Please email me at so that I can send you the link required to join in either conversation.

2) “Are you called to join other Canadian Catholic women learning how your leadership has the power to transform where you work, volunteer, and live?  Applications are now available for the 2021-2022 Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation Program. The in-person and online program, facilitated by the Providence School of Transformational Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University (Ottawa) runs from April/21 to May/22. Visit Application deadline November 20, 2020″

3) Thank You: “Thank you for all your kindness and emotional support you offered me during this difficult time. We also appreciate the many gifts of food, cards, and prayers. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.”  Margo Kelly and Family

4) Our prayers and sympathies go out to the family of Faye Neville, wife of Harry Neville of St. Joseph’s who died this past Friday. Due to COVID regulations, Faye’s funeral will be celebrated privately in St. Joseph’s Parish. May God grant peace and comfort to her family and a merciful judgment for her soul.

5) Bishop +Desrochers is asking all Catholics of the Diocese to please write to your local Member of Parliament to express your concerns about the proposed changes to Canada’s euthanasia laws. The Federal government is proposing to expand those who may be killed beyond those who are facing an imminent death. Disabled groups and associations are deeply alarmed with this change as they believe it poses a particular danger to their members. There is a website you can go to which provides more information on this subject as well as a link to use to write and share your objection with the government which I have posted below. Please do what you can to ensure that the government does not enact these changes.

6) Our apologies go out to the parishioners of St. Paul the Hermit who attended Church last weekend. There was some confusion between Fr. Tom and I regarding who was to celebrate that Mass and neither one of us showed up! It turns out that Fr. Tom had to step in to help replace Fr. Mike Goring’s in his parishes down the line as Fr. Mike had broken his clavicle in a mishap while unloading his vehicle. I was unaware of this development and thus did not make any other arrangements to replace him for Sheenboro. Such are the realities of having so few priests left in our diocese. Please pray for Fr. Mike’s quick recovery and for an increase in vocations for our parish diocese.

7) Celebration of Confirmation and First Communion: Due to the requirements of the COVID virus we are unable to hold any large celebrations, so Bishop + Desrochers is suggesting that each parish celebrate the sacrament at an evening Mass on a weeknight. He has granted the right for all the parish priests to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for this year. We will take his advice and schedule such a Mass for those who were prepared last school year to be confirmed.

As regards those who are waiting for the celebration of their First Communion and Confession, I have been waiting to see if the arrival of a vaccine would come before the end of this school year so that we would be able to offer a celebration at one of our weekend Masses. Given that we should know in January 2021 if such a vaccine will be available, I intend to wait until then to make any decision as to when and how these sacraments will be offered. IF it becomes clear that a vaccine isn’t going to be widely available in time, then we will have to schedule a few smaller celebrations for a few students at a time on a school night as we are going to do for confirmation. Stay tuned for further developments. They will be posted on Facebook and on the parish blog ( once it becomes clear how to best proceed.

Scriptural Reflection of this Weekend’s Readings

The Church Triumphant:  Those who have gone before us and now share in the glories of Heaven, in the Beatific Vision, are not gone.  Sure, we do not see them, and we cannot necessarily hear them speak to us in the physical way they did while on Earth.  But they are not gone at all.  St. Thérèse of Lisieux said it best when she said, “I want to spend my Heaven doing good on Earth.”  

The saints in Heaven are in full union with God and make up the Communion of Saints in Heaven, the Church Triumphant!  What’s important to note, however, is that even though they are enjoying their eternal reward, they are still very much concerned about us. 

The saints in Heaven are entrusted with the important task of intercession.  Sure, God already knows all our needs and He could ask us to go directly to Him in our prayers.  But the truth is that God wants to use the intercession, and therefore, the mediation of the saints in our lives.  He uses them to bring our prayers to Him and, in return, to bring His grace to us.  They become powerful intercessors for us and participators in God’s divine action in the world.  

Why is this the case?  Again, why doesn’t God just choose to deal with us directly rather than go through intermediaries?  Because God wants all of us to share in His good work and to participate in His divine plan.  It would be like a dad who buys a nice necklace for his wife.  He shows it to his young children, and they are excited about this gift.  The mom comes in and the dad asks the children to bring the gift to her.  Now the gift is from her husband, but she will most likely thank her children first for their participation in giving this gift to her.  The father wanted the children to be part of this giving and the mother wanted to make the children a part of her receiving and gratitude.  So it is with God!  God wants the saints to share in the distribution of His manifold gifts.  And this act fills His heart with joy!

The saints also give us a model of holiness.  The charity they lived on Earth lives on.  The witness of their love and sacrifice was not just a one-time act in history.  Rather, charity is living and continues to have an effect for the good.  Therefore, the charity and witness of the saints lives on and affects our lives.  This charity in their lives creates a bond with us, a communion.  It enables us to love them, admire them and want to follow their example.  It is this, coupled with their continuing intercession, that establishes a powerful bond of love and union with us.

Lord, as the saints in Heaven adore You for eternity, I beg for their intercession.  Saints of God, please come to my aide.  Pray for me and bring to me the grace I need to live a holy life in imitation of your own lives.  All saints of God, pray for us.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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