Folks: The following email message was received by all the priests of our diocese today.


Good afternoon,

Please be aware that email scams have been reported using the names of priests in order to solicit gift cards for fake emergency situations. Two such cases in the diocese are known in the past 24 hours alone. In both situations, fake email addresses were created and the name of the respective pastors used. It is known that at least one parishioner found the fraudulent email plausible and transferred a large sum of money. Should you find it prudent to do so, you may wish to alert your parishioners via your bulletin or parish social media platforms about this fraudulent activity.

In Christ,

Fr Ryan Holly


PLEASE NOTE that if you receive an email from me asking for money for me personally, IT DOES NOT COME FROM ME. I would never use social media or emails to ask for any funds or gift cards to be sent to me. If you receive such an email, please let me know, and if possible, forward the request to the diocese ( or to me and I will forward it to the proper Church authorities. Thank you.

Fr. Tim

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