Parish Bulletin – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 24/01/2021

Parish Bulletin – 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 24 January 2021

Masses for the Week of 26 January to 31 January


TUESDAY:                10 AM             Margaret Maloney – Mary Michaud

WEDNESDAY:**      10 AM             Merrill Allard – Leonard & Atje Duff & Family

THURSDAY:             10 AM             Brandon Perrault – Jim & Carmel Harrington

FRIDAY:***              10 AM             Dillon Godin – Betty Godin & Family

SUNDAY:            10:30 AM             (1) John (Jack) Jennings – Janet & Frank Retty

                                                            (2) Lester Gaudette – Kempton Smith

                                                            (3) Gilles Groulx – Sheila Stacey

All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy


All Live Masses are suspended in accordance with Quebec COVID regulations until at least February 8, 2021


Total Online Donations For 2020:  $11,098.68

Total Online Donations For 2021:  $  1,472.70

Thank you!


1) Well, sadly 2021 hasn’t exactly started off any better than the last year ended, at least as regard to the pandemic. The provincial government, on top of instituting a night-time curfew has also ordered the closing of all churches and church offices until at least 8 February 2021. I will continue to stream both weekdays (10 AM) and Sunday Masses (9 AM) from St. Joseph’s, including the public recitation of the Rosary on Wednesdays and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Friday. On Sunday, I will offer the Mass for three intentions, one from each parish. Please pray that we will soon find our way out of danger in these difficult times and get back to celebrating as usual in all three parishes.

2) Just a reminder that just because you can’t come to church doesn’t mean you can’t continue to support your parish. You can go to the parish blog at and make an online donation. Just remember to include which church you are directing your donation to in the message box of the donation widget. I thank you for your continuing support by whatever means possible in these difficult months with large heating bills and no regular Sunday collections. Your generous help is much appreciated.

3) Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program (Feb. 27th and March 6th): This course will be online only. New deadline date to register is Feb. 15th as materials need to be mailed out to participants.

4) 2021 Diocese of St. Augustine Virtual Catholic Holy Spirit Healing Conference “Who Do You Say I Am?” (Matthew 16:15) on January 31st. Keynote speaker: Dr. Ralph Martin, President Renewal Ministries. No Cost, however donations are greatly appreciated.

Click here to register or for more information.

5) 2021 National Theology on Tap: Intentional Disciples presents “Virtual National Theology on Tap” on Friday, February 12th at 9 p.m. E.T. with guest speakers Ralph Martin and Archbishop Chaput. Visit the Intentional Disciples website for more information.

6) Tax receipts for 2020 donations (excluding the online donations which produce receipt at time of donation) will be available once the government allows us to reopen our offices for business. We thank you for your patience.

Scripture Reflection For This Weekend

Opening Prayer: Lord, open my heart to be prepared to encounter you in prayer today. 

Encountering Christ:

1. Jesus Begins His Mission: Mark’s Gospel is all about people meeting Jesus and being impressed by him. He is trying to provoke the question in his readers, “Who is this?” and variations of this question occur all through the Gospels. We need to answer this question for ourselves too–not the answer we find in the Catechism or in books–but rather, “Who is Jesus for me?” When Jesus looks in our heart, what answer does he find there? The first few lines contain the essence of Jesus’s message. This is what all humanity has been waiting for—the coming of the Messiah. He calls everyone to be ready and respond to his call for repentance.

2. He Calls Me Personally: Although Mark starts out stating Jesus’s mission in general terms, Jesus immediately began to make his mission personal. He talked personally to Simon and Andrew and then to James and John. He wanted them to share in his mission in a personal way. He asked them to become fishers of men. They respond immediately, dropping everything to follow him. His personal call to mission is how he approaches everyone.

3. The Fascination of Jesus: The brothers reacted to Jesus in an unusual way. They dropped everything to follow him. They didn’t know what it meant to be “fishers of men.” Mark doesn’t tell us that they had met him before. Yet they left behind the work they had done all their lives and their families to follow Jesus. We see this kind of reaction over and over again. There was something beguiling in that personal contact with Jesus—something we can still experience today. We want to have this personal encounter with Jesus and be won over by him! We want to feel the fascination they felt!

Conversing with Christ: Lord, you met these humble fishermen and they were so fascinated by you that they left everything they valued in life to follow you. They felt it was worthwhile. Help me to experience you in the same way they–and so many who came after them–did, in my prayer life, in the sacraments, in Scripture, and in the acts of charity I perform each day. I want to be won over by you so profoundly that I am ready to leave everything in order to follow you!

Resolution: Lord, today by your grace I will make a special effort in all my contact with you–in my prayer, the sacraments, Scripture, and charity–so I can be won over by you more than ever before.

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