Effective Monday February 22nd, 2021, the entire Outaouais region moved from the Red into the Orange Zone. These means that we will once again be able to open up our churches for Sunday Masses so long as we limit our numbers to 25 people who follow all the other social distancing regulations (mask, wash hands, stay 2 metres apart). So beginning on the weekend of 27 & 28 February we will resume public Masses in all three of our parish churches. Please remember that you will need to call the parish office (Mon-Wed 819-689-5757; Thurs-Fri 819-689-5232) to reserve your place. The Mass times will remain as before the lockdown: Sheenboro at 5 pm on Saturdays, St. Joseph’s at 9 am and Chapeau at 10:30 am on Sundays

So the news isn’t all that we might have hoped for, but it is a good step in the right direction that we can at least gather again starting on the 2nd week of Lent. Let’s all keep praying that soon all these government restrictions will be lifted once we receive our vaccinations and this pandemic is finally put behind us. Until that time, you can check out this government link to see what activities will be allowed in an Orange Zone.

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