Parish Bulletin – Divine Mercy Sunday – 11 April 2021

Parish Bulletin – Divine Mercy Sunday – 11 April 2021

Masses for the Week of 13 April to 18 April


TUESDAY:                10 AM             Marian McGuire Rochon – Eulalia Ryan & Family

WEDNESDAY:**      10 AM             Iona Morris – Gene & Eddie O’Brien

THURSDAY:             10 AM             Wilietta Gaudette – John & Evelyn Dunn

FRIDAY:***              10 AM             Stan Bresseau – Glen Keogh


SATURDAY:               5 PM (SH)    Iona Morris – Wayne & Lynne Anne Storms

SUNDAY:                    9 AM (SJ)     Ian Picard – His Parents

                               10:30 AM (CH)   Jerome Sallafranque – Helen & Larry Perry

                                                            Gordon Conroy – Norma Duggan

All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Collections:  Sheenboro:  $1105.00  St. Joseph’s:  $1552.00   Chapeau:  $2137.00

Thank You!

NOTE: Due to the COVID restrictions we are once again limited to only 25 people at any Mass or service. Please call the parish office to reserve a place at the Mass of your choice. Please also note that while we will be covering the phones, the offices are officially closed to the public until we are removed from the Red Zone. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is something that is not within our control at this time.


1) St. Alphonsus CWL News: Thank you to all CWL members who have already send in their membership ($20). We would appreciate receiving others ASAP as it makes it much easier for all concerned when they can be sent in at one time.

2) I extend my thanks and appreciation to Fr. Tom Fitzpatrick (Sheenboro) and Fr. Ryan Holly (St. Joseph’s and Chapeau) for stepping up to cover this weekend’s Masses on my behalf. Out of an abundance of caution, I have been asked to isolate myself because of contact I had with a potential COVID case. My exposure is 2nd hand (meaning I was with someone who was exposed to someone else who has tested positive) and the odds of my having contracted the virus are minimal. But just to be safe, it has been recommended that I stay isolated until the person I met gets their (hopefully negative) test results back at the beginning of this coming week. These are not the times to take unnecessary risks and I want to ensure that I do not pass along the virus in the very unlikely chance that I have contracted it. I am very grateful for Fr. Tom & Fr. Ryan stepping in at a moments notice to help us out so that it wasn’t necessary to cancel any weekend Masses.

3) Job Offer: Sortir du bois is looking for people (18-45) interested in a 24-week paid work experience that leads to reintegration in the labour market. 819-648-5065 Come and try it out!

4) I want to express my thanks and appreciation to those who helped to make our Easter celebrations a little special during these difficult pandemic times. Special thanks to Louis Schryer, Chantal Lair, and Helene Chartand for the gift of their fiddle music in St. Joseph’s as well as to Cindy Wheeler who played the organ at both the Sheenboro and Chapeau Masses in accompaniment to Jeannie Gleason-Lebel and Pauline Lepine-Godin who sang. Thank you one and all for sharing your musical talents!

Scripture Reflection:

Opening Prayer: Lord, thank you for Sister Faustina, your messenger of Divine Mercy. May I be enriched by your word as I reflect in this Easter season on your Resurrection.

Encountering Christ:

Gift-Bearing: The resurrected Jesus greeted his disciples, who were hiding away for fear of the Jews, with a manifold array of spiritual gifts. First, he imparted his peace—twice. The peace of God surpasses all human understanding (Philippians 4:7), and how relieved and joyful they must have felt as recipients of this heavenly peace in the midst of their fear. Next, Jesus commissioned them: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” They were to become his emissaries and would be given all the grace they would need for their mission’s completion. Finally, he gave them the power to forgive sin. This extraordinary power is reserved for Christ’s priests. “The apostles and their successors carry out this “ministry of reconciliation,” not only by announcing to men God’s forgiveness merited for us by Christ, and calling them to conversion and faith; but also by communicating to them the forgiveness of sins in baptism, and reconciling them with God and with the Church through the power of the keys, received from Christ” (CCC 981). What an illustration of Our Lord’s superabundant grace! May each of us recognize his visitations and gifts in our life!

Thomas versus Faustina: St. Thomas’s reputation often suffers when this Scripture is read because he doubted that Jesus would rise from the dead, despite Jesus predicting at least three times that it would happen. How could he have doubted, having ministered alongside Jesus so intimately as one of the Twelve? In truth, all great saints–all of us humans–have our doubts from time to time. Sister Faustina, who revealed Christ’s Divine Mercy to the world, doubted. “Although the temptations are strong, a whole wave of doubts beat against my soul, and discouragement stands by, ready to enter into the act,” she wrote. But like Thomas, who exclaimed, “My Lord and my God,” when he encountered Christ, Sister Faustina said of her doubt, “I see how many actual graces God grants me; these support me ceaselessly. I am very weak, and I attribute everything solely to the grace of God” (Diary 1086). Faith in Jesus is the remedy for all doubt.

Blessed Are We: As contemporary followers of Jesus, we can draw great consolation from the knowledge evidenced here, that Christ has had us in mind from the beginning. “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” That’s all of us! Not only did he acknowledge us here, but he blessed us. When we doubt or struggle because we “have not seen” we can claim this blessing, straight from the mouth of Our Lord.

Conversing with Christ: Lord, thank you for the gifts you have given me, especially the spiritual ones. I know that you see me, know my heart’s desires, and bless me in ways that are best for my personal thriving. You are pure love.
Resolution: Lord, today by your grace I will praise and thank you for at least three concrete gifts you have given me. 

For Further Reflection: Listen to “I Am Blessed” by Rachael Lampa

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