Dear Parishioners,

I apologize for the late publishing of the bulletin. It was wonderful meeting you this past weekend and to celebrate my first Masses at your respective parishes. It’s a bit overwhelming to be moving into these beautiful and historic parishes, and the added challenges of dealing with Covid regulations made for some difficulty and confusion. Thank you for your continued patience as I accustom myself to the new environment.

This week I will follow what seems to be the current regular weekday schedule. There will be 10am Mass at St. Joseph from Tuesday to Saturday. I will probably change this schedule next week to add a couple Masses at St. Alphonsus. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to talk to me after Mass or send an email (

In Christ,

Fr. Scott Murray

One thought on “PARISH BULLETIN – 5TH SUNDAY OF EASTER – 2 May 2021”

  1. Father Murray would you consider posting the bulletin on facebook please it is easier to find it on there for us senior people who only use our phones and do not use a computer Thank you

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