Early Returns from our 40 Hours for the Kingdom campaign

Already the parish office is receiving some exciting and inspiring activities from various parishioners and their families as part of their commitment to complete 40 hours of dedicated time and work to make concrete their love of God and Neighbour by building God’s Kingdom. And they’re doing it here where they live and work. Listed below are some of the activities submitted so far:

-Rosaries prayed for (and in other cases with) parish shut-ins such as seniors or mothers with young children at home: Total 15 hrs.

-Volunteering with local hospitals and nursing homes: Total 16 hrs.

-Bible & Religious Studies: Total 20 hrs.

Campaign Total after 1-week’s worth of reporting: 50+ hrs! Thank you!

And all this is just from the first week of our campaign! Imagine the graces we will receive and good we can accomplish when and if we all step up and do our part over the 12 months ahead.

So, what are you going to do to help ‘Build the Kingdom’? I hear that the Soup Kitchen and the St. Vincent de Paul Society at the Cathedral are always looking for volunteers. This cold wintry weather will put a heavy demand on their services for the poor. The Cathedral phone number is 613-732-8513. Know any seniors in the community who use wood as their primary heat source? How about sending the kids over to help bring some into the house throughout this cold snap? It’s a lot easier for young legs and arms at the best of times, and most assuredly so in the type of cold weather we’re suffering through right now.
And of course, there is our upcoming 2015 Parish Mission from January 24-28, entitled “Metanoia: A Path of Christian Joy” An examination of different aspects of conversion and repentance in our lives, with a heavy emphasis on the positive and the joyful element of our faith. (How can you beat an offer like that, eh? Who among us couldn’t benefit from finding a little more joy in our life?) Take in all four mission talks (Sat/Sun Masses; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings at 7 pm) and you’ll have completed 1/8th of your total family commitment for the year singlehandedly! Bring the spouse and the kids old enough to benefit from the talks and you can be 1/2 way there as a family before the 1st month of the campaign is even over! The mission will be preached by Fr. Denis Lemieux of Madonna House and an old friend of mine from my seminary days.


So do your part in our Parishes 40 Hrs. Campaign and let us know what you’re doing by dropping your activity anonymously in the collection basket. It’s simple, easy, and I can assure you that the benefits promised are said to be something truly ‘out of this world’!

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