Helping out our Parish Secretary’s Daughter stay with her premature infant daughter


Tasha Ann Godin, a 19 yr. old girl from Chapeau, QC. has just given birth prematurely to a baby girl, Aston Marie Anne Godin. Aston weighs in at a scant 1.5 lbs and is facing a minimum of three months in the neo-natal intensive care at CHEO in Ottawa. Let’s help Tasha stay with her newborn!

Funds raised will go to pay for Tasha’s stay in the Rotel attached to the hospital. The daily room rate is $40 plus the costs of her food and other basic expenses. Funds are needed as soon as possible as she is on social assistance and has very limited funds at her disposal.  Tasha is the daughter of Pauline Lepine-Godin, our parish secretary, a job that is a far cry from a high salary position. I can assure everyone that this is indeed a worthy cause.

All donations will be gratefully received. I thank you very much for your consideration and generosity in helping this young mother stay at her newborn’s side until she is ready to be discharged and come home to Chapeau.

Fr. Tim Moyle, p.p.
Parishes of the Upper Pontiac

Click on this link to make a donation through GoFundMe.

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