URGENT Prayer request

I need to ask you for prayers. Our secretary’s daughter gave birth two days ago to a premature baby. (26 wks) Everything was going fine until they decided to remove the breathing tube and then she stopped breathing. They had troubles getting the tube back in and things are now quite grave. As a result of this mistake by the hospital, the baby’s life is hanging by a thread and might have suffered severe brain damage if she lives. The family is VERY distraught as you might imagine. Please put some of your prayer warriors to work for little Ashton and her mother, Tasha. They are in desperate need. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “URGENT Prayer request”

  1. Acting on your request and asking that the Lord, in His infinite wisdom,grant what is best for the wee one and give strength and courage needed for the family.

  2. Prayers are coming for Ashton & Tasha as I write this. Enlisted my family and friends from everywhere to pray for a miracle. It wouldn’t be the first time for a miracle from prayers in our family! Monsigneur (sp?) Harrington is a great man to pray to and if anything is possible he will make things right. He has always helped me in time of need! 99% of the time it works, I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

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