‘Living in the Promised Land’ by Willie Nelson (with a heartfelt tip of the hat to Roger Lavoie for sending it along).

You can always count on Willie to call us to our better angels. We in our corner of the country who enjoy all the peace, prosperity, and abundance this land can offer need to heed them as we approach our 150th birthday as a nation. It’s a message that should resonate within the hearts of all who call Canada, Home.

When you watch the video I ask you to note one thing though: the color and race of the two waves of refugees. The ones accepted in the wake of WWII and the ones who are knocking on our doors and asking for safe harbor within our nation’s borders today. Is it just a coincidence that the first wave which was white was accepted with open arms while the second so many fear letting into our land is of a different color and creed than the majority? If you feel a trace of that fear in your hearts, I ask you to search deep to find its roots and reject it with all the force your will can muster. How can we claim to believe that we are all brothers and sisters under one God who loves us all if we allow the darkness that such a fear engenders act in a most unbrotherly or unsisterly way?

So whether you’re a Willie fan like me or someone who’s wondering what the hell I’m going on about in the paragraph above, click on the video link and watch it on YouTube yourself. Go ahead and do it. You know your better angels want you to!


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