A BIG Thank you!!

A big success!! Our parish supper was held September 30th and fed well over 1000 people. Our best ever! All the games, raffles and draws were also a big hit to the delight of all of our guests and helped our parish fundraiser.
You answered the call! An astounding number of volunteers graciously donated their time! From the seasoned, veteran volunteers to the eager newcomers…. a very big thank you to everyone for their great efforts in accomplishing this immense task. So many helpful hands made this parish supper a great success. We even had volunteers from Montreal and Renfrew.
The arena was transformed with wonderful fall decor and made the atmosphere most welcoming. Many hands were present for the prep work of cooking and slicing turkeys and an amazing assembly of people completed the task of prep for coleslaw, carrots, and potatoes. We were fortunate to have a great number of pies to offer,  thank you! Our legion of table attendants and our “coffee/tea guys” worked diligently to make the meal a nice experience. And last but not least, A Big THANK YOU to the dedicated behind-the-scenes people, especially our kitchen workers….cooking, serving and washing up, are at the heart of this fabulous supper! We are still licking our lips.
Hope to see you all next year!

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