Parish Bulletin – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 14 October 2018

Masses and Celebrations for the Week

Day Time and Place Celebration Intention  
Monday .   No Mass  
Tuesday Chapeau

10:00 AM

  Lorne Gagnon

By: Loella & Family

Wednesday Chapeau

10:00 AM

  Andre Lafleur

By: Mado Keon

Thursday St. Joseph

10:00 AM

  Sherry-Lee Maria Fleury

By: James & Alicia Keogh

Friday St. Joseph

10:00 AM

  Marian Helen McGuire Rochon

By: Jean Gallagher

Saturday 5:00 PM


  Victor & Betty Gagnon

By: Ruth & Family

Leo Downey & deceased parents

Teresa Downey

Sunday 9:00 AM

St. Joseph

  Missa Pro Populo  
Sunday 10:30 AM


  Mary Carroll

By: The Family

Aurel Vaillancourt

Therese Vaillancourt & Family

Parish Lectors Communion
Sheenboro Francis Downey Mary Edwards
St. Joseph Sharon Fitzpatrick Elaine/Paul
Chapeau Mariette Sallafranque Mariette, André

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Fran Flavelle, Sandy LaRose-Dutton, Pat Keon, Paul Keon, Anchie Bechamp, Earl Lepine, Annie Gaudette, Sandra Fletcher- McGuire, Aspyn Carroll, Roseanne Gagnon, Viola Fleury, Joanne Souliere, J.P. Lariviere, Patsy Lariviere, Ida-Mae Turner, Kerry Kelly, Paul Dennie, Judy Sullivan and Norma Ranger.

Parish Sunday Collection         Counter
Sheen $ 1865.00 Laetitia Tardiff Peacock, Monday, October 15th
St. Joseph $1508.00  
Chapeau $1722.00
ALPHONSUS C.W.L: Will be the next group to host the Monday night card parties beginning October 1 through December. We would greatly appreciate prize donations. These could be dropped off at the hall on Monday evenings or given to Gail, Joan or Janie at any time. Thanks once again!

Mark your calendar for the Craft Sale and Chicken Pot Pie Brunch on Sunday, November 18th. Call Joan (819-689-2523) to book your table.

The Friends of Peru are to meet this Tuesday at 7 pm in the St. Joseph’s Sacristy. They will be distributing envelopes to collect donation at next weekend’s masses and ask that they be handed in on the following weekend. These funds are used by Jim and Alicia Keogh in their ministry in Chincha Baha, the parish adopted by St. Joseph’s Parish for the past number of years.

TUESDAY SOCIAL CLUB: Would like to thank everyone for the milk bags you have been dropping off at the church and we look forward to receiving more of them. The sleeping mats we make with them are still in demand. We would also like more yarn for our knitted blankets. Thank you. Keep in mind that all are welcome to come have a cup of tea and socialize with us. You don’t need to be a “crafty” person. Call Bernie 5223 or Angie 2486.

TUESDAY, SOCIAL CLUB: Has begun again from 1 to 3 pm at Harrington Community Hall. All are welcome whether to work at your hobby, join some of us in making items sent to help people around the world or just socialize. Contact Angie 819-689-2486 or Bernie 819-689-5223.


ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM PARISH-ARNPRIOR: Will hold its Parish Harvest Festival and Hot Roast Beef Supper on Sunday, October 14th from 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. There will be a Pilgrim’s Mass at 11:00 a.m.

ST. JOSEPH’S PARISH ROAST BEEF SUPPER: this Sunday, October 14th at 5:00 o’clock sharp.

ANNUAL PARISH SUPPER:St. Matthew the Apostle Parish, Madawaska, Sunday, November 4th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 p.m. at the Madawaska Community Hall. Annual turkey, ham & bean supper, raffle tickets. Adults: $13 – Children under 10: $5 – 3 and under: Free.


The Gallery will be open on Saturday & Sundays only from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

-Jeannine Lahaie of Ottawa. Jeannine is a descendant of the ‘Captain Nazaire Emond’ of Allumettes Island. She paints landscapes of mountains, rivers, and lakes mounted on crochet wall hangings, pendants, etc. Stop by the Gallery, Saturday & Sunday, October 13-14 from 10 am -4pm to view Jeannine’s art & crafts.

Closed for the season. Re-open in May. Thank you for your patronage.

Council 1531 of the Knights of Columbus in Pembroke: will host a CPR/defibrillator certification seminar Oct. 23 in the hall on Ellis Avenue, Pembroke, Ontario. The program starts at 7p.m.  All are invited to attend.

Here’s a little Catholic humour to brighten your day!

– I was going to tell you about all the drama at the convent, but then remembered… it’s nun of your business.

– How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.

– What do you call a sleepwalking priest? A “roamin’” Catholic.

Some Parish Bulletin Bloopers!

 1) Don’t let worry kill you. Let the Church help.

2) Thursday night-Potluck Supper. Prayer and medication to follow.

3) Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our church and community.

Notes from Fr. Tim:
1) I’ve got news! Bishop Mulhall has granted me a sabbatical that will run from January to May 2019 during which time I will be studying in Baltimore, Maryland. This sabbatical has been granted to me because of the 30 years of parish ministry that I have worked in the Diocese and I am very eager to take advantage of it. I have arranged for a variety of priests to cover for me here so that weekend masses will continue to be celebrated in all three parishes during my absence.

2) As a result of my upcoming sabbatical, I will not be restarting the Bible Study group until after my return. Further, Mr. Frank Trzebiatowski has accepted to teach the Confirmation students for this year. As a result, their classes will be held at the same time (9:15 am) in DWKS as the other classes. Thank you Frank for accepting this important responsibility.

3) One detail that I still have to work out is finding a place that would accept to take care of my two Beardies (dogs) during my absence. If anyone is interested, please give me a call at the parish offices. They are very gentle in temperament, get along well with other animals, are hypo-allergenic, and do not shed their hair. All they require is some room to run around outside, regular feeding, and some personal care and attention. Then they respond with lots of love and affection – and some barking! I very much appreciate your consideration of this request. Knowing they are being fostered in a good home will certainly put my mind at ease during my absence. Thank you.

4) There was one organization I forgot to mention in my thank you for our Chapeau Parish Supper: The Upper Pontiac Sports Complex. They generously donate the arena for this crucial fundraiser every year, and this is key to the success of the event. We thank them very much for their kind and generous support.

5) Pauline also noted that thanks are due to the students from the West Pontiac Connects. They were instrumental in helping to set up, decorate, and with food preparation. Thanks to them as well.

6) There will be a Spaghetti Supper on the weekend of November 10/11 to help raise funds for the Chapeau Peruvian project they have undertaken to support. Yves Lafontaine will be present to offer a brief PowerPoint presentation of the project during the meal. Tickets will soon be on sale and we will post details here on how you can obtain them once they are available.

7) This weekend’s readings focus on the gift of wisdom. Please remember to pray each day that it be a gift that is richly shared by God with as many of us as possible!

8) Saving the best for last… Best of luck to the volunteers who are preparing and serving the Roast Beef Parish Supper in St. Joseph’s this weekend. I know that they will be serving an excellent meal. Please join with me in praying that it will also be another opportunity for them to grow closer as a praying, caring community of faith as it has always been in the past.

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