A Pastoral Letter from our Bishop

Pastoral letter from Archbishop Mulhall
Fourth Sunday of of
March 22, 2020

My dear faithful from the Archdiocese of Kingston and the diocese of Pembroke,

I’m writing to you on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In each of our dioceses, provinces, countries and continent, Sunday Mass was celebrated privately by our priests. This Sunday was a unique experience as we feel the absence of a Sunday mass together. Many other ordinary activities in our communities have been cancelled while citizens are invited to stay at home as much as possible. It is becoming increasingly aware that this state of affairs could continue for some time.

With this letter, I would like to ask you your prayers for all those who work in all areas and aspects of health care. The vocation of health care has always been dear to the ministry of the Church and these people will be invited to give themselves generously to treat those who are likely to be infected with the virus. Let us also pray for those in public office and for those who hold positions of authority in homes, homes, religious institutions, parish and dioceses as they fight many challenges, including health and financial care of all of them. These are unprecedented moments in our lives, and we pray that the wisdom of the Lord is abundantly granted.

The speed at which these events have developed is breathtaking. The most disturbing and disturbing aspect of last week has been the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity that has created. In the face of the perspective of living in such uncertainty for a while, we each experience the anxiety of the unknown. Knowing that no simple answer is available, it is vital that we ask the Lord to grant the grace to heal this anxiety with a true sense of consolation. Let us first be grateful to the Lord for his continued blessings and never stop singing his praise. And let us pray for the grace to place our absolute trust in providence and in the hands of the Lord. We know with faith that He wishes us to receive His abundant gifts. We also know that it is difficult to accept such gifts unless humble in His presence. I warmly invite you to pray with me the psalm given to us this week in the Sunday liturgy, the well-known and beloved Psalm 23

What a paradoxical gift to be faced with this reality in the heart of Lent! This season of grace offers a blessed opportunity to experience our total dependence on the Lord, as well as form a true religious feeling of petition. May this feeling of petition be strong and pure. Let this be the petition of the people of Nineveh so beautifully supported by the Lord in the Gospels. With such grace, there can be no room for division. May our communion be strong, our constant charity and humility a scented offering to the Lord.
The cancellation of our public Easter celebrations is difficult to imagine; yet, it is a clause that will most likely be in effect. Our Holy Father has provided guidance and assistance for the life of our faith in these days. The bishops of Ontario will continue to help each other and the Archdiocese / diocese will provide guidance in the coming days and weeks for the life of faith, as well as the financial concerns of our parishes.

My dear faithful, please know my blessings and prayers on these difficult days.

+ Michael Mulhall
Archbishop of Kingston
Apostolic Admin of Pembroke

Psalm 22 (23)
The Lord is my shepherd: I have no lack of anything. * *
On fresh grass, he makes me rest. He leads me to the quiet waters
and makes me relive; * he leads me by the right path for the honour of his name.
If I go through the ravines of death, I fear no evil, * for you are with me: your stick guides and reassures me.
You prepare the table for me in front of my enemies; * you spread the perfume on my head, my cup is full.
Grace and happiness accompany me all the days of my life; * I will live in the house of the Lord for the duration of my days.

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