Notice to all parishioners of the Upper Pontiac Parishes

Effective immediately, all churches and offices are closed. This includes closing the doors to those who had been coming in to pray. This decree from +Mulhall is to bring us in compliance with the governments of Quebec and Ontario order to shut everything but essential services down. This means that the Eucharistic Adoration programs which had been continuing in all three churches are ended until further notice.

In the event of an emergency requiring my presence, I can be reached at the St. Joseph’s office number (819) 689-5232 but I can only come if its a life or death emergency. Anything beyond that will have to wait until the ‘stay in place’ order is lifted in 21 days or potentially later.

Pray for your safety and that of those you love. Pray for the safety of those who still have to work in these dangerous times, especially those who work in our health care institutions. And please pray that EVERYONE heeds this government warning and stays safe inside their homes. We will get through this and life will resume again as before if we all do our part and stay away from danger. Be assured of my daily prayers as I celebrate a private Mass in the rectory. Once we get ourselves online to begin broadcasting services, allowing those who would want to gather together ‘virtually’ and attend Mass ‘digitally’ on Facebook or YouTube, we’ll be able to communicate better in both directions. Watch this site for updates.

Stay safe… Stay home… Stay faithful. We citizens of the Upper Pontiac can’t be beaten down forever by any damned bug or virus. We will win in the end.


Fr. Tim

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