Quebec houses of worship can resume services as of Monday, but with a maximum of 50 congregants | CTV News

Now that the Province has permitted the reopening of churches, we will start celebrating Weekend Masses in St. Alphonsus Church as of June 27-28. Since we can only allow 50 people into the church building at one time I will celebrate three Masses there instead of the two I had previously announced. They will be on Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10:15 am and 11:15 am. I will continue to celebrate a live-streamed Sunday Mass from St. Joseph’s Church at 9 am each Sunday morning until further notice for those who cannot attend Mass in the Chapeau Church.

Given the small number of people who can attend any one Mass, it will be necessary for you to call the parish IN ADVANCE (819-689-5232) to reserve a place at the Mass of your choosing. Once we reach 50 people for any given Mass, we will not be able to accept any more reservations.

Parishioners will be obliged to wear a mask at all time while in the church building. You will also be asked to wash your hands with Purel upon entering. Social distancing requires that while members of the same household can sit together, there must be at least a six-foot distance maintained from everyone else. Further details will be provided here, on Facebook, and on the phone when you call to reserve a place for any Mass.

For those people who have been waiting to celebrate a funeral/memorial Mass for someone who has recently died, you can speak to the Funeral Home and they will contact us to make arrangements for the service. These services will also be restricted to no more than 50 people with all the same social distancing requirements being strictly observed.

We will resume public Masses in both St. Joseph’s and Sheenboro once the restrictions are further relaxed permitting more people into each celebration.

Your cooperation and patience is anticipated and greatly appreciated.

Source: Quebec houses of worship can resume services as of Monday, but with a maximum of 50 congregants | CTV News

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