Parish Bulletin – 12 Sunday in Ordinary Time – 21 June 2020



Streamed Masses:

Tuesday 10 am: Lucien Morin – Pauline Beaulieu

Wednesday 10 am: Personal Intentions – A Parishioner

Thursday   7 pm: Florian Allard – Laurier & Dianne Mainville

Friday   7 pm: Deceased Relatives and Friends – Christa Dupuis

Sunday   9 am: Missa Pro Populo

Live Masses:   (All in St. Alphonsus Church – Chapeau)

Saturday   7 pm: Iona Morris – Larry & Nancy Gleason

Sunday 10:15 am: Robert Godin – Pauline Lepine

11:15 am: Mike & Francoise Keon – Mado & Family


Now that the Province has permitted the reopening of churches, we will start celebrating Weekend Masses in St. Alphonsus Church only as of June 27-28. Since we can only allow 50 people into the church building at one time I will celebrate three public Masses instead of the two I had previously announced. They will be on Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10:15 am and 11:15 am. I will continue to celebrate a live-streamed Sunday Mass from St. Joseph’s Church at 9 am each Sunday morning until further notice for those who cannot attend Mass in the Chapeau Church. There will not be any weekday Masses celebrated in the Church. However the current practice of live-streamed Masses will continue on weekdays. (Tuesday/Wednesday 10 am; Thursday/Friday 7 pm)

Given the small number of people who can attend any one Mass, it will be necessary for you to call the parish IN ADVANCE (819-689-5232) to reserve a place at the Mass of your choosing. Once we reach 50 people for any given Mass, we will not be able to accept any more reservations and you will be given the option.

The first point to make in explaining how we will be proceeding is to ask that if you are ill, have a cough or sneezing, or are running a fever, PLEASE STAY AT HOME and avail yourself of either our streamed video Mass or any other Mass on television. The Bishops have suspended your obligation to attend a Sunday Mass in person until further notice.

Everyone MUST ENTER through the Main doors facing the street. Only people requiring the wheelchair lift will be allowed to enter via the side door. Once the Mass has concluded, you MUST EXIT via the side door (by the large crucifix) only, respecting the obligation to remain six feet distance from anyone else who does not live in your household.

Parishioners will be obliged to wear a mask at all time while in the church building. 

You will also be asked to disinfect your hands with Purell upon entering. 

Your temperature will be taken at the door and if you are found to be running a fever, you will not be allowed to enter the church. 

Social distancing requires that while members of the same household can sit together, there must be at least a six-foot distance maintained from everyone else. Pews will be marked with three different coloured tags, one for each of the three Masses. Please ensure that you are seated only in the pews assigned for each Mass. This is necessary because without respecting this element we would have to wash down the entire church between every Mass which would preclude the option of celebrating three Masses on the weekend. 

Unfortunately there is to be no music or singing at any of the Masses. On the plus side though, priests are instructed to keep their homily as short as possible! 

Altar Servers and Lectors/Readers are not permitted in the Sanctuary. The public recitation of the Rosary before Mass is suspended for now. Only the priest (and the Eucharistic Ministers at the start of the Sanctus/Lamb of God to be given a ciboria to distribute Communion) are permitted in the Sanctuary throughout the Mass.

A Sunday Collection of offerings will not be taken up at Mass. There will be a basket placed that you can drop your envelope or cash donation into near the exit door of the Church. Please feel free to use it as you depart the building. Our ‘Toonie Collection’ is suspended until further notice.

When it comes time for the distribution of communion, you are asked to remain in your pews. Eucharistic Ministers will come to you where you are seated. You are asked to keep your mask on until you have received the host and remove it only once they move past you. Once you have consumed the host, you are obliged to immediately put your mask back on.

All doors and windows are to remain open throughout the entire Mass to allow for the flow of as much fresh air as possible. 

The bathroom will be closed and unavailable for use unless someone is willing to volunteer to disinfect it after each use (toilet, sink, and door handles). If you’re interested in taking on this responsibility, contact me. Personally I would prefer if you simply refrained from using the bathroom in the church so that I won’t need to find at least three volunteers (one for each Mass) to clean it after every person.

Vigil/Prayer candle stands are not to be touched or lit so we will be covering all such items in the church until further notice.

Further details will be provided here, on Facebook, and on the phone when you call to reserve a place for any Mass.

For those people who have been waiting to celebrate a funeral/memorial Mass for someone who has recently died, you can speak to the Funeral Home and they will contact us to make arrangements for the service. These services will also be restricted to no more than 50 people with all the same social distancing requirements being strictly observed.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that these policies are required by the Province and neither the parish nor the Diocese has the authority to eliminate or change them. Our failure to follow these rules can result in a significant fine ($1000 and up) being levelled against the parish. Your cooperation and patience is anticipated and greatly appreciated.

We will resume public Masses in both St. Joseph’s and Sheenboro once the regulations are further relaxed permitting more people into each celebration with fewer restrictions.


Regretfully, our parish riding lawnmower in Chapeau has broken down and will require one to two weeks to repair. Please accept our apologies if either the church property or either of the parish cemeteries looks a little ragged until we have the mower back in working order.


The Parish Offices are reopening as of this Monday (June 22nd) and Pauline and/or I will be available to respond to your needs. You will be obliged to both disinfect your hands and wear a Mask if you come into the office to ensure our safety. Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated. The Chapeau office (819-689-5757) will be open from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Wednesday. The St. Joseph’s Office (819-689-5232) will be open at the same times on Thursdays and Fridays.



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