Need a Mask to Wear?

Emilia Belair is selling cloth masks and offering to donate a portion of the proceeds to the church. Here’s the text she sent me this week: “What I was thinking is to sell them 10$ each and donate 1/2 to the church. My 1/2 would be to keep getting the materials. I will also get regular patterns and sell them for 5$ each and donate 1/2 to the church as well. I can be reached Via Facebook, at my cell number 613-401-2701, or at my mom’s 819-689-2006.”

Thank you Emilia! Watch for me to soon be sporting the ‘Ottawa Senator’s Mask’ she made for me to wear as I jaunt around town. I’m sure she would be willing to make some honouring the Hab’s as well. I suspect though that she’ll draw the line at making ones with a Toronto Maple Leaf emblem as she intends to stick to just making them with the logo of professional hockey teams!!

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