Parish Bulletin – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 19 July 2020

Parish Bulletin – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 19 July 2020


TUESDAY:*                  10 AM             Mary Evelyn Morris – Maureen & Helen Morris

WEDNESDAY:*            10 AM             Deceased Parents – Pierre & Françoise Vaillancourt

THURSDAY:*                  7 PM             Mary Spence – Jerry & Colleen Sullivan

FRIDAY:*                         7 PM             Reina Gagnon – The Dubeau Family

SUNDAY:                        9 AM             Missa Pro Populo

*These Masses are followed by Exposition and Benediction. Immediate family members and/or the person requesting the Mass can attend these Masses in St. Joseph’s Church. You can enter by the Church side door closest to the rectory. Masks and social distancing are requirements to attend any Mass.


SATURDAY:                    7 PM             Edgar, Anita Gaudette & Deceased Relatives – The Family

SUNDAY:                 10:15 AM             Reneld Chaput – Lorraine & Eric Demers

                                11:15 AM             Intentions of Andre and Poncho Chartrand – family and friends

Please remember to call the Parish Offices to reserve a space at the live Masses as attendance is capped at 50 people. If you are sick or have a cough, please do not attend. Remember, the Bishop has suspended our obligation to attend a Sunday Mass until further notice so please stay home so as to not make others sick.


1) Well, our rain prayer seems to have worked although the farmers tell me that they could use a little bit more. So, if you’ve got some empty space among your prayer intentions, let’s all continue to ask for just that: a little bit more. After all, it is the time for summer vacation, so we don’t want to get too many rainy days!

2) We have a number of very ill parishioners these days in all three of our parishes. Please remember to pray for the sick in your daily prayers.

3) Our crowds at each of the Masses are slowly starting to build so it’s becoming more important than ever for you to call and reserve a spot at the time of your choosing. Beginning on the first weekend of August we will resume the celebration of Mass in both St. Paul the Hermit (Sat evening at 5 pm) and St. Joseph’s (Sunday morning at 9 am). I will continue to celebrate two Masses in Chapeau (Saturday evening at 7 pm and Sunday Morning at 10:30 am) until the restrictions on the number of participants is lifted. The obligations to call the parish office and reserve a spot at in Sheenboro and St. Joseph’s will be enforced as will all the other protocols of social distancing, mandatory masks, temperature taking, etc. We thank you for your cooperation.

4) The Quebec government has followed the lead of Ontario and has now mandated that everyone 12 years of age and older is to wear a mask in all public interior places. Remember though that it isn’t our local merchants that are requiring this of anyone so please don’t give them any grief if they ask you to put one on to shop in their establishment. The benefit of wearing a cloth mask is that it stops the vapour droplets that we all exhale when we breathe from infecting other people. This is important as one can be spreading the COVID-19 virus without having any symptoms themselves. So as annoying and uncomfortable as wearing one might be, please remember that doing so is a way of fulfilling the commitment God laid on our shoulders when we were baptized to love our neighbour.

5) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming evident that we will have to cancel our Parish Suppers this year in both Chapeau and St. Joseph’s. Given the importance of these events to the financial health of both parishes, we are asking every family to consider making at least a one-time donation equal to the amount they would have paid to purchase tickets for the meal if it had occurred. This equates to $15 for each adult in the family and $5 for each child under 10 yrs of age. Please make the effort to fulfill this commitment before the end of the Summer as we rely on the proceeds of those parish suppers to pay our heating and insurance bills. God willing, we’ll be able to put on these delicious events again next year. Thank you.

P.S. If you feel the itch to still bake a pie or two, I’m always open to accepting them at the rectory!! I wouldn’t want anyone to feel deprived of demonstrating their baking prowess just because the parish suppers have been cancelled Never let it be said that I wasn’t willing to ‘take one for the team’. (grin!)

6) Speaking of fundraisers, Emilia Belair is selling cloth masks and offering to donate a portion of the proceeds to the church. Here’s the text she sent me last week: “What I was thinking is to sell them 10$ each and donate 1/2 to the church. My 1/2 would be to keep getting the materials. I will also get regular patterns and sell them for 5$ each and donate 1/2 to the church as well. I can be reached Via Facebook, at my cell number 613-401-2701, or at my mom’s 819-689-2006.” 

Thanks Emilia! I will be sporting the ‘Ottawa Senator’s Mask’ she made for me to wear in church this weekend. I’m sure she would be willing to make some honouring the Hab’s as well. I suspect though that she’ll draw the line at making ones with a Maple Leaf emblem as she intends to stick to just making them with the logo of professional hockey teams!!


7) I need to have at least four people step up from St. Joseph’s Church to assist in processing people into and out of Mass once we restart of our Sunday Mass there on August 2nd. One person will check people’s temperature and ensure that everyone wears a mask and disinfects their hands. We need two others to distribute communion by bringing it to those attending where they are seated in their pews. We won’t be able to resume our public celebration of the Sunday Eucharist until this requirement is met. Please give me a call at the parish office (819-689-5232) if you’re willing to help out. I also want to inform everyone that we will continue to livestream this Mass so you will need to be wary of the video equipment that occupies the front centre aisle of the church. Because this Mass will be streamed, we also need one person to man the video camera. It’s very easy to do as I will set up the system before the Mass begins. Quite literally it will involve turning the stream on at the beginning and off at the end of Mass.  Finally, this 9 am Mass will always be celebrated as a the ‘Missa Pro Populo Mass’ each Sunday until further notice. We can however also include one other Mass intention, so if you want to have a Mass offered at that time, please call Pauline at either of the parish offices to reserve it.

8) While we’re talking about our livestreaming from the St. Joseph’s Church, would someone be interested in leading a rosary online for people to virtually join. I would also like it if someone might be willing to offer to lead the Divine Mercy Chaplet online. If we can actually find a small group of people to take on this ministry, we could offer one or the other (or both!) five or six times a week. Volunteers need not be limited to just St. Joseph’s parishioners. Anyone from any of our three parishes would be welcome to participate. So, don’t be shy folks. It’s a lot easier than you might think and I will be there to assist with managing the video equipment for you. Thank you.

9) One final request: It is evident that many of our senior parishioners are reticent about being in a crowd during this pandemic and have limited their participation to watching our services online. While this provides some grace and solace, it prevents them from being able to actually receive the Eucharist. For this reason, I am looking for at least two people from each parish to step forward and offer to bring the Eucharist to their fellow parishioners after each weekend Mass. Please contact me if you are open to the possibility of participating in helping as many people as possible to obtain all the graces they can during these difficult days.

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