Parish Bulletin – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 7 FEBRUARY 2021

Parish Bulletin – 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 7 February 2021

Masses for the Week of 9 February to 14 February


TUESDAY:                10 AM             Larry Patrick Lapierre – Angie Retty

WEDNESDAY:**     10 AM             Gerald Spence – Eulalia Ryan

THURSDAY:             10 AM             Joyce Bechamp – Roger & Teresa Samson

FRIDAY:***              10 AM             Jean Caughey – Rosemary Flood

SUNDAY:             9 AM             (1) Carmelita Gleason – Jerry & Marie-Paule Muldoon

                                                            (2) Lester Gaudette – Gordon & Anne Armstrong

                                                            (3) Remi Vaillancourt – Nicole & Lorenzo Bertrand

All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

** Includes public recitation of the Rosary

*** Includes public recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy


All Live Masses are suspended in accordance with Quebec COVID regulations until at least February 21, 2021


1) Well, sadly 2021 hasn’t exactly started off any better than the last year ended, at least as regard to the pandemic. The provincial government, on top of instituting a night-time curfew has also ordered the closing of all churches and church offices until at least 21 February 2021. I will continue to stream both weekdays (10 AM) and Sunday Masses (9 AM) from St. Joseph’s, including the public recitation of the Rosary on Wednesdays and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Friday. On Sunday, I will offer the Mass for three intentions, one from each parish. Please pray that we will soon find our way out of danger in these difficult times and get back to celebrating as usual in all three parishes.

2) Just a reminder that just because you can’t come to church doesn’t mean you can’t continue to support your parish. You can go to the parish blog at and make an online donation. Just remember to include which church you are directing your donation to in the message box of the donation widget. I thank you for your continuing support by whatever means possible in these difficult months with large heating bills and no regular Sunday collections. Your generous help is much appreciated.

3) Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program (Feb. 27th and March 6th): This course will be online only. New deadline date to register is Feb. 15th as materials need to be mailed out to participants.

4) 2021 National Theology on Tap: Intentional Disciples presents “Virtual National Theology on Tap” on Friday, February 12th at 9 p.m. E.T. with guest speakers Ralph Martin and Archbishop Chaput. Visit the Intentional Disciples website for more information.

5) Tax receipts for 2020 donations (excluding the online donations which produce receipt at time of donation) will be available once the government allows us to reopen our offices for business. We thank you for your patience.

6) 2021 World Day of the Sick: The 29th World Day of the Sick will be celebrated, as it is every year, on 11 February, the memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Holy See has released the Holy Father’s Message which is entitled “You have but one teacher and you are all brothers” (Mt 23:8), which encourages a trust-based relationship with the sick and the nurturing of integral human healing. In his Message, Pope Francis writes: “…the commandment of love that Jesus left to his disciples is also kept in our relationship with the sick. A society is all the more human to the degree that it cares effectively for its most frail and suffering members, in a spirit of fraternal love. Let us strive to achieve this goal, so that no one will feel alone, excluded or abandoned.”

Message of the Holy Father

Journée mondiale du malade 2021: La 29e Journée mondiale du malade aura lieu le 11 février, mémoire de Notre-Dame de Lourdes, comme c’est le cas chaque année. Le Saint-Siège a publié le message du Saint-Père qui est intitulé « Vous n’avez qu’un seul maître et vous êtes tous frères » (Mt 23, 8), qui souligne une approche à l’égard du malade fondée sur une relation de confiance et favorisant une guérison humaine intégrale. Dans son message, le pape François écrit : « …le commandement de l’amour que Jésus a laissé à ses disciples se réalise aussi concrètement dans la relation avec les malades. Une société est d’autant plus humaine qu’elle prend soin de ses membres fragiles et souffrants et qu’elle sait le faire avec une efficacité animée d’un amour fraternel. Tendons vers cet objectif et faisons en sorte que personne ne reste seul, que personne ne se sente exclu ni abandonné. »

7) Teens– be prepared for Lent: Order the Teen Lent Companion by LIFETEEN and use it to develop a daily prayer life that will last you a lifetime. See other great resources for teens at

8) Calling All Moms: Check out the options for Moms to stay connected at and sign up to Midday Moms, a regular virtual Mother’s group meet up with host Mary Wagner and her MOM Jane Wagner on Zoom.

9) Rosary: Father Réal Ouellette is planning the recording/editing of the Rosary to be broadcast on various social media. To participate and contribute, please see details here.

Chapelet/Rosaire: Père Réal Ouellette planifie l’enregistrement et le montage du Chapelet/Rosaire pour être diffusé sur les médias sociaux. Pour participer et contribuer, veuillez consulter

10) Pope Francis has dedicated 2021 to be a holy year St. Joseph. In that spirit we will be beginning a 33-day novena of dedication beginning on Sunday February 14th culminating with a consecration to St. Joseph on March 19th. Join with me when we will pray the litany of St. Joseph at the end of every one of our streamed Masses. I will post a copy of the litany on the parish blog ( so that you can pray it personally.

11) We have finished the Zoom Study course on Pope Benedict’s work, Jesus of Nazareth and will be starting a new book on Tuesday February 16th at 7 pm. Entitled Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone by Fr. James Martin, s.j. published by HarperOne Publishers c.2021. It can be purchased online from or in either a hardcover or ebook version, or it can be ordered through the bookstore in the Pembroke Mall. If you are interested in joining in, please call (819-689-5232) or email me at and I will send you a link to join in the discussion. Learning to Pray is accessible for even novices to prayer to grasp and will undoubtedly help you to deepen your prayer relationship with God. I hope that many folks will take advantage of this opportunity to join the group!

12) I ask your prayers for Mr. Jerome Sallafranque who is walking his final days on earth. Please pray that he be granted a peaceful and merciful death and that these days be consoling and grace-filled for Françoise, their children, extended family, and for all who called him friend. Jerome has played a very important role in our parish and community and I know that I will miss his guidance and help. May St. Alphonsus accompany him during his final days among us and bring his soul safe to God’s hands in heaven.

Scripture Reflection For This Weekend

Opening Prayer: Lord, as I reflect on your words, allow me to experience the healing power of your presence. Help me trust that you take care of me and the people I love. 

Encountering Christ:

1. He Entered the House: The Apostles accompanied Jesus while he was teaching in the synagogue, but this day was different from others because Jesus was about to give them a unique blessing: He planned to enter their house. When Christ asks to enter our reality, there isn’t an aspect that he fears, that he shuns, or that he doesn’t care about. He already knows our darkest recesses and loves us anyway. Why are we sometimes tempted to block his entrance to certain “rooms” in our life? Fear of rejection? Fear of exposure? Fear of loss of control? Fear of suffering? When we acknowledge and deeply reflect on who is asking to enter, our fears melt away. 

2. Approached, Grasped, Helped: Jesus’s first action upon entering the house was to cure Simon’s mother-in-law. This miracle was able to happen because the woman allowed herself to be the recipient of Jesus’s love. It often requires more humility and trust to let Jesus take care of our problems than it does to try to solve them on our own. Jesus wants to be wanted. Jesus desires that we ask. “Ask, and you will receive” (Matthew 7:7). He is constantly reaching out to each of us with his healing presence. We simply respond in faith to receive his blessings. 

3. For This Purpose Have I Come: Throughout the Gospels, Christ revealed his dedication to the mission his Father entrusted to him. He saw sickness as an opportunity to extend the healing touch of God and did not hesitate to enter into others’ suffering. We are called to imitate Christ in this willingness to offer a helping hand, to empathize with others who suffer, and to be his healing presence to others. We fulfill our purpose–to be Christ to others–when we first allow him to enter and possess our hearts.

Conversing with Christ: Lord, help me remember the power of your presence within me. May I be your healing presence to others. Give me the certainty that I am sent with you, by the Father, into this world. There is no darkness or difficulty that cannot be overcome by your grace.

Resolution: Lord, today by your grace I will seek out someone who needs to be touched by you and do my best to serve them, for your glory.

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