Parish Bulletin Correction

Yikes! It was just pointed out to me that the announced time for the Sunday Mass has been wrong few the last number of weeks. My apologies for not noticing it earlier myself and correcting it sooner. Until Premier Legault lifts us out of the Red Zone, (which is now to come no earlier than 22 February if he keeps his word and reviews our status again by then) I am celebrating the Masses privately but livestreamed on both my and the parishes Facebook pages. I’ll post below the correct scheduled Masses for this week.


TUESDAY:                10 AM           Larry Patrick Lapierre – Angie Retty

WEDNESDAY:**     10 AM             Gerald Spence – Eulalia Ryan

THURSDAY:             10 AM           Joyce Bechamp – Roger & Teresa Samson

FRIDAY:***              10 AM            Jean Caughey – Rosemary Flood

SUNDAY:             9 AM             (1) Carmelita Gleason – Jerry & Marie-Paule Muldoon

                                                  (2)  Lester Gaudette – Gordon & Anne Armstrong

                                                  (3)  Remi Vaillancourt – Nicole & Lorenzo Bertrand

All weekday Masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church.

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