Parish Bulletin -Feast of Mary, Mother of God – 1 January 2017

Masses for this coming week:

Monday:               No Mass

Tuesday:               Intention of Edward & Leona Culleton: by The family

Wednesday:        Edmond Vaillancourt: by Claudette Vaillancourt

Thursday:             Diane McCann: by Jean Gallagher

Friday:                    In thanksgiving for favour received: by a parishioner

(All the above masses are celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church at 10 am.)

Saturday:       5:00 pm  (Sheenboro)  Intentions of all parishioners

Sunday:          9:00 am  (St. Joseph)

1) Dean Fitzpatrick: by Eulalia Ryan

2) Agatha & Emery Gribbon: by Sharon Gribbon

Sunday:       10:30 am    (Chapeau)

1)  Bernard Conroy: by St. Alphonsus Choir

2) Elwood Gaudette: Mariette et famille

Liturgical Ministers for Next Weekend:

Readers: Sheenboro: Patty Hansen   St. Joseph: Sam McGuire

                 Chapeau: Colleen Fleming

Communion: Sheenboro: Peter Gleason St. Joseph: Margaret Tallon

                   Chapeau: Peter, Janie

 A complete bulletin including all the collections from Christmas and New Year’s Masses will be published next weekend.

“I want to thank the municipalities and the firemen who worked so hard to save my house from burning down. Your courage and kindness was well appreciated. To all of you, ‘Happy New Year’ 2017.”                                                                                                Therese Allard

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2017 be a year of peace and blessing for all.

Bonne année à tous! J’espère que 2017 sera une année de paix et de bénédiction pour tous nos paroissiens/paroissiennes.

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